RSVP online dating review

RSVP Online Dating Review

RSVP of the first online dating companies to have Aussie’s whispering in the corner, discussing where they found their latest date.  About RSVP Launching on Valentine’s Day 1997, RSVP was acquired by Fairfax Media in 2005. Since its inception, it has continued to grow and evolve to meet the ever-changing needs of the Australian public. […]

How to keep the communication flowing in a relationship

How to Keep the Communication Flowing in Your Relationship

  It’s no secret that good, clear, honest communication is the cornerstone of a happy, thriving relationship. Since communication is ongoing, I don’t believe that you actually arrive at a place where you fully master it. My reasoning for this is because it’s a continual work in progress, especially when it involves two people. But […]

Hobbies unsexy

Are Your Hobbies Unsexy?

A recent study undertaken that looked at the anonymous user data provided by 75,000 Australian members of EliteSingles reveals the least attractive pastimes.  By comparing user opinions on the sex appeal of popular hobbies, the study was able to determine what pastimes Australians deem attractive in a partner – and which tend to turn them off. The […]