The quiet achiever in the Australian online dating arena, be2, is on a mission to hook up the mature aged dater who may have thought they were past their prime.


The be2 team answered some of the common questions about matured aged dating:

Q.  Why Are There Still Older Singles?

A.  Nowadays, if you are still single later in life, it might just mean that you have been too busy achieving a great career, travelling the world or doing other exciting things to settle down with a partner. Or maybe you have had plenty of relationships and just haven’t found the right person for a long-lasting partnership yet. Regardless of your reasons for being single, if you are willing to give love a second chance, you are in luck: mature dating is becoming increasingly popular and mature singles are sought-after partners on online dating websites.

 Q. Why is Online Dating Perfect for Mature Singles?

A.  Divorce rates are up, and less than half of all married couples stay together “until death do us part.” Even in marriages that do last, when one partner dies, the widowed partner often doesn’t want to stay alone. Hence, single parents, divorcees and mature singles are willing to re-enter the dating game, hoping to give love another chance.

In the early days, online dating largely attracted young singles, who wanted to flirt and go on dates before settling down. Now that the internet – and online dating – has come of age, the people using it are becoming more mature and open-minded, too.

On online dating sites, there are mature singles looking for a partner their own age, but mature dating can also refer to singles of a certain age looking for a younger partner. After all, opposites attract and youthful enthusiasm paired with experience makes for an exciting relationship!

 Q.  Why are Mature Singles so Attractive? 

A.  Confidence! The kind of confidence that only comes with age. Mature people are comfortable in their own skin.   They also approach dating with the laid back attitude that comes with experience and age. They don’t compare themselves and their looks to younger singles but instead, can be proud of a life full of experiences, achievements and lessons learned.

 Q.  How would be2 Recommend Finding Other Mature Singles?

A.  Whatever you are looking for, online dating makes mature dating easy. Simply complete a profile on a dating site and be perfectly honest about your age – there will be someone looking for exactly what you have to offer. If you have been out of the dating game for a while, online dating makes it easier to take the first steps, get in touch, exchange messages and express your interest in other members who catch your eye.

 Remember – It’s never too late to fall in love.

So, what are you waiting for?  Now is a good enough time as any to start your search