Top 9 First Date Tips for Women

Dating tips for women

first date tips for women that need some help to ensure your first date runs smoothly? Follow our Top 9 Tips for Women for a fun first date.

1. Don’t Keep Him Hanging

Fashionably late is so 1970. 10 minutes is your window of opportunity. After that he will be annoyed and you will have to work extra hard to get him past him past this. Anything greater than 10 minutes, a call or text is required to inform of your lateness.

2. Know Your Limits

Don’t get smashed. It is unattractive and unbecoming. Nerves sometimes take over and sculling can become a mindless activity. Drink water in-between to keep yourself nice. If you are really nervous before the date have a glass of wine to relax you.

3. The Two F’s

Fun – be you, but the fun you! Problems, hell we all have them but we don’t want to hear about it on the first date – save that for married life. Men want to see your fun side. Keep it light. Flirtatious – throw him a bone. If you like him, flirt with him.

4. Ladette’s Not Allowed

Men want to date a lady not one of the boys. Sit like a lady, look like a lady, be confident in yourself as any lady should be. Leave the Ladette at home and make your mum proud.

5. Bathroom Visit

Essential if you are eating dinner. A conversation with spinach between your teeth is distracting and you will die with embarrassment if it gets to the end of the night and the spinach has remained all night. It’s also ideal to check make up, hair etc. and reaffirm in the mirror how great you look.

6. Chat and Listen

The two go hand in hand. Keep the ratio 50/50. Women are born to chat. Men not so much. Question’s come a lot easier for us gals. Be interested in what he has to say and don’t stress to much if there are a few quiet moments, he maybe thinking of something witty to say.

7. Have Some Mystery

This is not about playing games. He doesn’t need to know your life story on your first date; keep some stories for dates 2-10. Even on date 10 he doesn’t need to know everything there is to know about you. Leave him wanting to know more about you after each date.

8. Let Him Be a Man

If he wants to open the door, pull out the chair, pay the bill – sing hallelujah. Well not literally, you may look a bit weird. You have met one of the ones that has manned up! Lucky you this guy is not afraid to take the lead! Love it, Love him, love chivalry.

9. Attention

Give him your full attention! Don’t be looking around the room, flirting with other men. Concentrate on your date. Flirting with the barman makes him wonder if you flirt with every guy you meet, so resist.

9 Plus 1 More – Game Over

Games are the height of un-coolness. If you like him give him a sign, even better let him know ‘thanks I had a great time tonight and would love to do it again’ as simple as that. Men don’t speak womanese! In-fact women don’t speak womanese! If you like him let him know, and if you don’t then let him go.

Be nice, be fun and flirtatious, just be you…don’t focus on trying to please him, focus on you! Enjoy the date, enjoy the moments.

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