10 Reasons Why I Hate Valentine’s Day

  1. Cupid seems to be MIA when it came to finding my Valentine.
  2. Even when Cupid decides to shoot me, his aim is not great.
  3. It’s a commercial over-rated, over manufactured day.
  4. My favorite restaurant is over-flowing with annoying happy couples.
  5. My name never ever appears in the Heard-Sun Love and Dedication section on Valentine’s Day.
  6. Roses have killer thorns, and I have had more pricks that I care to mention.
  7. The day is fraught with expectations and disappointments.
  8. You shouldn’t have to wait for a day to say ‘I Love You’
  9. There is always that one girl who gets a massive bunch of flowers in the office that gloats.
  10. My thighs don’t know it’s a special day. If I eat the chocolates the calories still count.

Join me on my ’I hate Valentines’ Day Sucks’ mission – add your reasons below.



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