Why doesn’t he call? A beginner’s guide to an age old question

why men don't call

We’ve all been there – a great evening out, meeting a fun guy, thinking “this is going well” and giving him our number. Then the anticipation grows over the next few days… and he doesn’t call. The worst sort of thoughts go round in your head – the most optimistic being that he lost your number. Not possible because he was at the party with mutual friends so he could ask any one of them for the number. SO…WHY DOESN’T HE CALL?

1) There’s something going on, like an unresolved relationship or something in his past

He’s injured. The last girl he tried to pick up was the one he thought was the Love Of His Life (LOHL) but it turns out she was just dating him to get over her own LOHL and now he’s too bruised to try again. Give this one some time.

2) He’s busy and doesn’t have the time

He had plenty of time to go to the party, but he’s too busy to make a two minute phone call, even for a quick “hello”? If you expect buyneurontinonlinehere.com something done, ask a busy person. They know how to make time for the important things.

3) He’s dating someone else and neglected to mention it

Well that’s always a possibility. Just because you were interested doesn’t mean that he was – he really only wanted your number because you mentioned you were a professional florist and he wanted to spoil his girlfriend. Reading too much into a guy asking for your number can be a common mistake.

4) He forgot

Not plausible. He put your number into his wallet and it’s fair to say he would have opened this at some stage over the past day or so. Give up on this one. He probably isn’t the one and deep down you both know it.

5) He’s just not that into you

The hardest one to take. You fancied him, you thought he fancied you, and that there was a definite spark. You were wrong. Never mind, you live and learn.

If he’s interested enough, he’ll make the call. If he’s not, he wasn’t right for you.


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