We would all like to believe, that going to work, our colleagues are aligned with the same goals, have similar values and at work to not only get the job done but to create great connections with their fellow colleagues.

Unfortunately, that is not always how it works out! More so now than ever – bad behaviour should not be tolerated and we should feel comfortable to call it out. So, before you head into your boss waving the red flag, here are the warning signs that may indicate that you are working with a Narcissist!  Undoubtedly you already have your suspicions that you are working with a Narcissist – these signs will help you identify the key bad behaviours.

A Narcissists number one goal is to look and be seen as the best.  Often at your or your colleague’s detriment, because they don’t care, it’s sadly – all about them.

4 SIGNS your Colleague is a Narcissist

1. Steals Your Ideas

Your colleague on more than one occasion steals your original idea and takes the credit. This could be in meetings or with management. Regardless – it was your idea and they have floated it as their own. You have not been credited or referenced as having anything to do with the presented idea. This could occur on one occasion and would raise a warning if this is a pattern of behaviour – you colleague is definitely showing one of the key signs of narcissism.

2. lying

You have caught your colleague blatantly lying on more than one occasion, to change the story to shed them in a more favourable light. Lying is simply uncool and generally done to ensure they always seem to be doing the right thing.

3. They are not team players

This is an obvious sign when you have to work within a group.  Narcissists can’t work within a team, as they have to win at all costs. They don’t consider your input or have the final say. Or worse refer to 1. They steal your ideas and sell them off as their own.

4. Ridicules you openly in meetings

This is the worst of the worst! This is a way they grandiose their accomplishments to management at your detriment. This is a real sign and one to note early, as they won’t change their pattern. Do not allow them to get away with this.  If they have been disrespectful take it up with management but ensure you document it.




Actions you can take if you are working with a Narcissist:

Document, document, document!

Yes, that’s right get everything in an email or file note.  Time, date, what happened – write it all down. It’s never wise to rely on verbal anything.

Don’t divulge any ideas to them

Keep all your ideas, your plans to yourself, so they can’t steal anything from you. Present your ideas to your Manager directly. Narcissists will generally steal your ideas and sell them off as their own.

Keep your private life private

Don’t divulge any personal information. Narcissists are experts at extracting information on your private life. Narcissists tend to be master manipulators and create gossip and innuendo at your detriment.  Beware!

Don’t create an argument 

There is no point trying to argue with a narcissist, as they don’t understand or believe they are ever incorrect.  It’s best to avoid engaging with a narcissist as little as you possibly can whilst still being to carry out your job.


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