3rd dates are still floating in the awkward dating phenomenon.  The stakes have now lifted and its where you start to explore if the first two dates were just a fluke.

However, as you start to get to know each other slightly better, here are five different ways you might be able to find an alternative to the bar and restaurant or movies and club combos. These offer options to allow you to become increasingly relaxed in each other’s company. You probably already have some idea which of these would be best received…

  1. Search online, and in the local press, for festivals and other events. This could be an exhibition by local artists, a specific entertainment festival (comedy, film etc). You aren’t looking for something that’s too far out there, just a relaxed and interesting environment.
  2. Hold a fun picnic on the floor of your lounge room. As well as the food and wine, think also about the use of flowers and plants to add to the ambiance.  Alternatively have a picnic at the beach or park.
  3. Create a candlelit dinner for two in your own backyard or patio. Aim for an intimate atmosphere and food that is easily prepared and served so you can focus on each other rather than whether the main course is burned. For guys, perhaps this is still not quite the time to show your alpha male prowess on the barbie! You could even take it a step further – perhaps a student from a local cookery school could be hired (at a reasonable cost) to prepare and serve the food!
  4. Check out local tourist information on interesting locations. It’s amazing how seldom many folk actually visit those fascinating places almost on the doorstep in their own town or city – be it a historical location, park, local landmark or the like. Find somewhere that you can discover together – your own secret as you begin to build the relationship.
  5. You might both decide to try out a new sport or hobby – something fun that neither of you have attempted before. Do avoid the face-contorted, win-at-all-costs screaming side of you though (it’s certainly still too early in the relationship for your date to be able to handle that).

The above are no more than a starting point to get you thinking about what your third date could be – it’s about finding that chance to start to get to know each other in as relaxed and fun a way as possible.  The aim is to enjoy the experience in a way that will lead to a fourth date!