Coming up with thoughtful, caring and romantic gift ideas for your partner can sometimes be an incredibly daunting task. Many websites out there, such as , offer fantastic, personalised gift ideas that are designed for those occasions when your are searching for the perfect gift, that stands out. There are many great gift ideas, that can be applied to even the trickiest person to buy for. Here are top five romantic gift ideas for your love.

1. A mix tape

Back in the 90s!  The most romantic present to give your love was a mix tape of all their favourite songs, or the songs that made you think of them. Nowadays, this can be a fantastic and nostalgic gift. Both incredibly personal and very thoughtful, this is a gift that is sure to show  just how much you care for them. Although it will likely take the format of a ‘mix CD’.

2. An experience

What could be more memorable than an experience? Whether it’s an adventurous activity like bungee jumping, or a tamer experience such as a few nights in a stylish resort, there’s no doubt that an experience is one of the most romantic gifts that you can plan for your loved one. Always take into account their personality when planning the experience: a person who is scared of heights may not appreciate being given skydiving vouchers for example. And the best part of this gift is that you get to enjoy it with your loved one.

3. Glorious Food

It’s no secret that food is the way to your loved one’s heart. Why not take the time to cook a romantic dinner for the two of you? Perhaps make their favourite dish, add wine and candles for the perfect evening.  If cooking is not your thing,  then their favorite restaurant for a good, old-fashioned date.

4. Travel

The gift of travelling together can be one of the most romantic gifts of all. Surprising the love of your life with a romantic trip to Paris, for example, would melt anyone’s heart.

5. Jewellery

Jewellery is the quintessential romantic gift. Sometimes traditional can be best. A simple, elegant pendant or set of earrings for a woman, or a nice watch for a man will go a long way to showing them just how much you care about them. But be careful to consider their personal taste.

Buying a romantic gift for your loved one doesn’t need to be daunting nor stressful. All in all, it boils down to what your loved one would want. Use their personality as the base, and then develop an amazing idea around that.  A mix tape could be great for bringing up some nostalgic memories, particularly in a long-term relationship. A great experience, travel and a romantic night out can also be great gift ideas. But sometimes, traditional jewellery is best—and you could always go the extra step and get it engraved?

What would you suggest for a romantic gift idea? Let us know in the comments below.