Every man, at some point, wonders what are are the winning words that Women Love to Hear.  Do I tell her she looks beautiful and have the line on repeat? Should the focus be more on her personality and her infectious laugh? Or is there something a little more inspiring that will make her jump to her feet and embrace you… ?

Try our winning 5 ‘Things Women Love to Hear from their man’ to add extra sparkle and recognition that we women sometimes love to hear from the man in our lives….. These simple, yet award-winning pointers will lift her spirits, make her smile and in return, you may just get into the good books for a little while. BUT, Listen Up…Before you get busy working your way through the list -these should not be used as a ‘line’. The only delivery method is one filled with authentically when you really mean it and she needs to hear it.

1. You make me smile

We all want to feel wanted. To feel special. There are a few things that can make a woman feel exceptional. When a man tells her she makes him smile – this is one of them. Not that she makes him laugh (too much…) but smiling evokes joy, involvement and pleasure.  It’s also a window to his soul, a window she is keen to have revealed and the assurance that she is the one who makes him smile, the one who makes his face light up.

2. I am so grateful I met you

Men are men and can be mildly oblivious to the subtleties of life going on around them, especially when they have what they think they need. Slipping into a routine of work, mates on the weekend, supporting their team and going on golfing holidays can eat years into a relationship. Being blessed with female intuition makes women more than aware of this so when he expresses deep thanks for her in his life, this heightens the reaction. She knows that to be singled out for such praise and recognition of how special he thinks she is, it is an absolute delight for her. Make her feel super wanted by telling her how grateful you are that she is in your life. Keep it subtle, blurt it out, mix it up – this one’s a constant key to success.

3. You are an amazing woman

To put it simply, who wouldn’t want to hear that they are amazing! However, with women, it is especially powerful. Our world is stacked with more than one generation of women who have been told that we can have it all and many strive to achieve some semblance of this. Even if we are not a career-obsessed workaholic’s who love to dance till dawn then negotiate till nighttime, there are choices that we make that helps when they are validated. Telling women that they are amazing for little things will win you buckets of affection and she will be a little bit more into you.




4. I am here for you

Women don’t always want solutions, in fact, we might just want unwavering support at certain times. The key words in this are unwavering and support. Men are wired to leap to the rescue, women don’t always want that so it’s important to let us know that you are with them and for them, come what may. We know we can be a bit loopy at times when looked at in the round but it’s not a time to call that behaviour out. Instead, be there, and give the required support so that we can count on you for whatever is needed, want or deem appropriate, no matter how utterly illogical it may appear to you.

5. I’ve Got This

Three of the most powerful words you can use with a woman.  Though it may appear to be contradictory to the above scenario, the fact is there a time when a woman simply needs a man to be a man and assure her that he can handle a situation. We like to feel cared for. We’re not talking about putting out the rubbish or changing a tyre here, but more sensitive areas. Step up, step in, take over and do for her what she needs. Not a chance or excuse to become controlling so don’t play this card incessantly – use it rarely and when needed.