The intent of online mating is to put your best self forward as you only have a few moments to captures someone’s attention. Let’s be honest, if the picture ain’t that great you will be heading for the ‘next’ button. Try out our Online Dating Profile Tips to get you a second glance.

1. Show Pony

Pictures with your car, of your dog, boat or anything that is to ‘show pony’ should be left out of your online dating profile. This is particularly poignant for men. You want a woman to date you for you. Certainly not for the type of car you drive. This also extends to all pet lovers. A picture of a dog, your cat or guinea pig is not going to reel someone in.

‘Hi There, your dog is cute, can we catch up so I can snuggle with your dog’. Unlikely!

2. Keep Your Shirt On

For goodness sake put some clothes on. Keep a bit of mystery about you. There are some things that need to be discovered through reality not virtually. Everyone loves a good six-pack and a bit of cleavage but try not to give away the whole package before you even meet.

3. Pick The Online Dater

If you must include a group shot at least make it clear which one is you in the picture. Profiles that include friends can be confusing and hard to pick who is actually the Online Dater. If you have to resort to using this type of picture, be clear who you are. Cut your mates if need be to ensure there is no misunderstanding or disappointments.

4. The Ex Factor

Leave the Ex out. In fact any woman / man in the shot should be on the cutting room floor. We will be wondering who it is, what they mean to you and if you are over it. There are too many assumptions that can be formed from the opposite sex being included in a shot. Especially the shot’s with arms draped around each other.

5. Let’s See Your Baby Blues

Take the sunnies off and let’s see your sparkling eyes. As the expression goes, ‘the eyes are the window to the soul’ so take off the glasses. Save the sunnies for the rays and not for your online dating profile.

6. Selfies

Are hysterical! There is no other way to describe them. Particularly the one’s which are in front of a computer. We suggest someone taking the photo for you – be it a mate, the 7 Eleven man or if you really want to put your best self forward, a professional shot will do it.

7. Random Locations and Landscape

Thanks for sharing the picture of the grass, mountains and rivers. However, few are looking for a geography lesson. The lesson should be about you. Save these shots for when you are dating. Add them to your Facebook page where they can be viewed and dissected in detail when your relationship progress’s to Facebook friends.

Share these Online Dating Profile Tips with your mates that are in the online dating game to help in getting them clicked on and not clicked through.

Have you come across any online dating profile pictures that should be added to the list? Please share your comments.