If you want to attract a high value man, you need to be a High Quality Woman. Some women are instilled with self–confidence at a young age and know their self worth, whilst some of us may be lacking in this area and sell ourselves short to land the guy.

For those who need some guidance on How to Be a High Quality Woman, our top 4 suggestions will have you heading in the right direction to ensure that you choose a worthy partner.

What is Acceptable Behaviour in a Partner?

We are all different and have varying personal values including what we will and won’t accept in a partner. For example, if you are dating a man who is seeing other women, is this behaviour in line with what you are after in a partner, or are you a ‘one man, one woman’ dater.  Does he go out and get rolling drunk while you’re more the sip–a–glass–of–champagne type who doesn’t want to be the regular nominated driver?

Being clear on what is acceptable in a partner helps you to identify early on whether their behaviour resonates with your own values and lifestyle.  If you see something that is not in line with your values you can then deal with it in the early stages.

Understand What Your Deal Breakers Are

Do you want kids and he doesn’t?  I have heard time and time again from women who want to have children yet are with men who have made it abundantly clear that children are not something they want or desire.  If you are staying with him in the hope that your partner will miraculously change his mind, be prepared for heartbreak ahead. There is, of course, the odd exception and men have changed their minds; however, this would be a rarity.

Another deal breaker could be that you have different beliefs about what your future holds.  For example, it could come down to geography. Do you see yourself travelling while your partner doesn’t feel comfortable leaving Australia?

Of course, a fundamental component of any relationship is good communication and compromise. That’s well and good when it comes to which suburb to live in or what school to send the kids to but there may be areas in which neither party is prepared to compromise and these may be the deal breakers.

Does He Have Your Back?

One of the vital ingredients to a successful relationship is knowing that you can count on your partner to have your back. They are your sounding board, voice of reason and person that you can count on when you most need someone.  A high–value woman should seek nothing less in a man. If you find your partner is not supportive—especially while with a group of friends or you find them constantly disagreeing with you in public—there could be an underlying lack of support.

 Don’t Step Over the Small Things

You should absolutely pick your arguments; however, if it is something fundamental that your partner does or says that is not in line with your values and beliefs, the best thing you can do is deal with it. Small things have a way of becoming big things because we don’t deal with them when they are small, finding it easier to step over them in the hope that the situation will magically fix itself. If it matters to you, don’t be afraid to discuss it.

We tend to be given all necessary warning signs up front. People are constantly telling us who they are via their conversation, lifestyle and behavior—we are just not listening. If you remove the loved–up–filtering–system that skews our perception and tints all things rosy, you can see whether your partner or the new man you are dating is truly worthy of you—A High Quality Woman.