One thing is for sure, if we haven’t already found it, we all want to know where we are going to find love. With so many dating options available in this modern dating world, it takes experience and some dating ‘know how’ to help others find the love they are looking for.

So, what is the New Dating Site that has hit Australia which claims to have such experience, I hear you ask. The pros behind the website have a successful history of running online dating in Ireland, the US and the UK and have landed down under with a mighty roar!

If you are looking for love and need inspiration to find where all the-in-the-know, cool singletons are hanging out, we have five great reasons to take for a spin.

1.Share Your Lifestyle

Urban Social has a diary section which allows you to enter your social activities. As a member, you can share your Dating Diary with others. You just never know, this could be the ideal way to get a date for your next social event. Not only is this a fabulous conversation starter, it also allows you to see someone else’s diary – the perfect opportunity to suggest that you come along to one of their diary events. Wink wink.

2.Send Messages, Free

Want to chat, free? Urban Social’s got your back. Want to view profiles and check out who is online – yep, they do that too. If you are searching for others who have signed up to this new dating site in Australia, you can benefit by sending messages free of charge! Who knows where a simple hello may lead?


A New Dating Website Hits Australia - Urban Social


Who wouldn’t invest in finding love? A no brainer really. It’s true that people who are willing to put a couple of $$$s behind finding their match are invested in, and committed to, finding love. It’s not simply a matter of swiping, it’s about taking the time to read an online profile, learning about someone on a deeper level, getting to know your match online and finding someone who could be your ideal partner before meeting off-line.

4.Let Urban Social Do the Hard Work For You

Members who see someone they like need only select that person and Urban Social will do the hard work and find out whether the feeling is mutual. How is easy is that? Sit back and relax, knowing that you have the Urban Social team acting as your personal dating assistants.

5.Stay In the Know

If someone is winking at you it’s something you do not want to miss! The Urban Social team make sure that you are notified as soon as someone winks at you or views your profile. Plus, if someone adds a new snap to their profile you are also notified so you can check them out. Just another benefit of being a member.

If you are looking for something new and fresh, check Urban Social out. There are no lengthy profile forms to fill in – the sign up form allows you to provide as much or as little information about yourself as you like.

Give them a try, free, and say a big hello to someone in the free messaging area – you never know where it may end up.


A simple Hello Can Lead To A Million Great Memories