THREATS from a good friend of her intention to accompany me on my next date with the purpose of providing a performance appraisal of my dating methods, left my top brow a little moist. My only means of prevention was to get in first, conduct my own self assessment and provide her with the feedback! Evidently I am trying to mark highly in ‘pro activeness’.

On my recent blind date, I decided it would be the ideal opportunity to listen into me and see how I would rate my dating prowess.  This is what I discovered….

I Can Talk for Australia

I don’t  know how to say this, I mean – I don’t want to beat around the bush and all, so allow me to get to the point – I talk a lot!  And I mean a lot. Someone got a gag, anyone, anyone?  If  my date took to breathing demonstrations I might have noticed and stopped talking.  On second thoughts probably not, the one sided conversation was pretty engaging.

Not a Drop in My Glass

If there was a negative spin the could be spun on pretty much any topic about me, I spun it, chewed it up and served it in front of my date between gulps of wine.  Yep – great way to get the guy – tell him all the crap things about you!  Note to self – refer to own dating advice and maybe follow some of it.

Did You Say Something?

‘Oh sorry Mr Blind Date did you want to say something?’  ‘No’.  ‘Oh, Ok, so anyway, as I was saying…’


Like the old woman who lived in the shoe – my aim was to display wisdom through my constant chatter and rambling! ‘Yes I believe Karma will get you! Yes I believe that it is not up to us to fight those that fight against us! Yes I believe that we always do the right thing no matter the circumstance.’ Can I push anymore wisdom onto you – no really, can I..?

Paid By The Hour

If you tell me a problem I am happy to workshop it with you. Actually, even better, if you could add a little more shush, I will counsel you through it with a detailed 5 point action plan. I will even put mini milestones in place to make sure that you are on track for problem resolution.

I don’t think Mr Blind Date has added me to his speed dial list but I am sure that I was at the least, a little entertaining.

A self assessment, though sometimes harsh is a great insight to how others may see you. As our Dating Advice article from Tatiana ‘Why I’m not getting a 4th date’ we should always look to put our best-selves forward and think about what we are saying and of course take some wisdom from my date so you are better prepared for what not to do and say on a date!

Yours in Adventure,

KP x


Image Credit:  Photo by Underwood Archives/Getty Images