have just polled 500 Australian’s on the topic of Loveless Relationships.

The surprising results reveal Aussie’s are settling for less than they deserve with 1 in 3 admitting to have found themselves in a loveless relationship and 52% of those relationships lasting for more than five years!  What??

The survey determined the top reasons couples are staying in love deficient relationships:

  1. For the kids, 40%
  2. Fear of being alone, 23%
  3. Out of laziness, 16%
  4. Financial reasons, 15%
  5. Fear of what people will think, 3%

Only 2% of participants indicated sex or intimacy as a reason to stay together.

That raises the questions, why are people settling for less than love?

  • 2 in 5 believe the love of their life has come and gone
  • 39% indicated they would be willing to suffer unrequited love – stating they would prefer to love than be loved

‘Should I stay or should I go?’ Psychologist Salama Marine offers advice to lovelorn couples

Many of those in a loveless relationship may ask themselves whether the relationship is still salvageable, or whether they should cut their losses and move on. EliteSingles’ Psychologist Salama Marine psychologist says, ‘Ask yourself the following questions;

1)      Is your partnership rewarding, or are you giving up your freedom for relatively little return?

2)      Are you really attached to your partner, or simply to the idea of a partnership?

3)      Can you rely on your partner, or do you feel alone when times get tough?

4)      Are you satisfied with your sex life?

Reflect on the answers to these questions and ask yourself if you are in the partnership for the right reasons. Is there enough to build upon in the future? If you decide to continue with the relationship, remember that being in a relationship is not a passive process. Love isn’t a case of ‘there one day, gone the next’ – you need to work on it every day.’

Sometimes, we get caught up in the misguided belief that we can stay and pretend to be complete without love.  However, it’s human instinct to seek the depths of true love. If you have every truly experienced real love, then you will know that there is simply nothing that compares.  And who, quiet frankly, would want to settle for less.

Statistical data provided by Elite Singles