Is it O.K. to start your date off in the bathroom?

Absolutely, if your date is on the 35th floor of the Sofitel Melbourne! Now, we understand that this advice might seem a bit… incongruous, considering that No. 35 is considered a ‘stylish’ bar, but we’re not kidding when we say that both the male and female bathrooms afford guests with one of the most amazing views in Melbourne.

Of course, the venue has more to offer than just perfect scenery. You can enjoy the lofty locale while sipping the world’s finest champagne or indulging in one of the many imported beers, wines or signature cocktails.

The service is in line with Sofitel standards and does not disappoint. Choose from propping up at the bar, sofa chairs, tables-for-two, or you could venture into the ‘Dome of Love,’ where couples tend to migrate. The seating is perfect for getting up close and personal.

First date, second date – doesn’t matter, just go there! The ambience is guaranteed to make an impact.

We suggest that you organise to meet on the ground floor at the lifts or, alternatively, in the bar—that way you won’t have an issue finding each other. The 35th doesn’t get overly crowded, making it an ideal place to chat without having to shout. Then again, what else would you expect from one of the most stylish bars in Melbourne?


Impressive Knowledge Points

Send her to the bathroom. Seriously! The view is a ‘nose powdering’-worthy experience.


Views and Outstanding Service


Parking is available at the Sofitel Hotel

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