Want to Know How to Attract your Soul Mate Using the Law of Attraction?

 When it comes to attracting your soul mate, it’s essentially when you are not looking that a special person arrives in your life. And, while they will potentially be in your life for the long-term, it’s also important to understand that soul mate may not be around forever.

You see, I believe we have more than one soul mate. That’s because everything is orchestrated in your life and happens for a reason. But we also have the ability to choose if we want to commit to another. And this is where being able to release expectation, attachment and the need to know how things will work out play a role. After all, the true definition of love is unconditional love; loving without conditions.

I am with my soul mate now. We don’t have any expectation with each other; we surrender to each other and trust the flow. And if we are meant to be together forever, we will, but if not, that’s okay. It’s important that you both put your spirit first, then the relationship.

Here are my top five tips on how using the ‘Law of Attraction’ philosophy (like attracts like) can attract a happy, fulfilling and long-lasting relationship with your soul mate:

 1.    Be Positively Happy and Go With the Flow

First and foremost, become genuinely happy with yourself and embrace being single. By focusing on your self-development and letting go of the need to find someone, you are raising your vibrational energy to a point where your soul mate will come into your life at the right, appointed time (divine timing). It’s about surrendering to the process. But if you do try to force things, you will end being with someone who wasn’t meant for you.

2.    Meditate Daily and Believe

Meditating for at least 30 minutes each day eradicates worrisome, pessimistic thoughts. Instead, set clear intentions, visualise, and believe in something unseen taking place on your journey. It really comes down to self-trust.

3.    Be Affirmative

Write strong, clear affirmations and a list of those qualities you admire and appreciate in a soul mate. This programs your subconscious mind to attract those things. Remember, what you want, wants you.

4.    Aligning Your Values

When your soul mate does appear, ensure their values, beliefs and spiritual heritage are in sync with yours. These are what you will both fall back to, especially if there are any bumps. Of course, there is a difference between people disagreeing in a way that’s respectful and disrespectful. The latter is a massive projection of insecurity on to someone else and, if that’s the case, it’s best to leave that situation. But if you are arguing in a way that has respect, then understand that the darkness becomes light.

5.    Grow and Heal

See any challenges in a relationship as an opportunity to grow. The reason your soul mate has come into your life is for your own healing. Even after the honeymoon period, your buttons have a tendency to get triggered. This is because you haven’t resolved something within yourself and that person has come into your life to make you aware of that. Given the human mind is wired to blame or point the finger at someone else, when these situations arise always look to yourself first. Remember that whatever comes up in your reality is a projection of your own insecurities.

As my guru, Loiux Dor Dempriey, says: “Love is like a fire and the fire is beautiful and we all like to watch it. But when we touch it, we get burnt.” If you are intuitively prompted to get out of a relationship, even in those early stages, do so. Those doubts are like an inner calling or universal prompt. But if you don’t get those doubts, then it’s all meant to be for the time being. People come into your life for seasons and reasons.



Photo credit: paolaplease / Foter / Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 2.0 Generic (CC BY-NC 2.0)