Valentine’s Day! The most ‘advertised’ romantic day of the year. Even for the most unromantic, VD has a way of reminding you of your single status. Follow our tips for surviving, conquering and celebrating this Valentine’s Day!

1. If you feel like you are missing out

Call the florist, order some flowers, write a note and organise delivery – to you! Even better, send them to your work from an anonymous admirer. A bit of self-love never hurt anyone.

2. Retail Therapy

For all you men, craving to purchase the latest techno gadget, VD is the perfect day to lash out and treat yourself.   Women don’t generally require a reason to shop.  Use Valentine’s Day as the perfect excuse to buy that new outfit you have been eyeing off – all in the name of love!

3. Love is all we need

Do you have a single friend that you know will be struggling today? Send them flowers and tell them you love them. In fact, Valentine’s Day has an unwritten rule that this is the day you tell all your friends and family that you love them.

4. Couch Time

Hell No! Organise a night out with your single pals. Go for dinner, go dancing, drink cocktails. Word of caution – steer clear of happy couple locations such as niche restaurants. The love gazing couples will be in full force and will have you running for the safety of your couch.  A pub is an ideal location.

5. Do something for others

Why not take the money you would have used for a valentines gift and give to a worthy cause. Helping others is always a cause for celebration.

Wherever you find yourself, have a wonderful Valentine’s Day –

It’s a day to celebrate all L.O.V.E