Valentine’s Day! The most ‘advertised’ romantic day of the year. Even for the most unromantic, Valentine’s Day has a way of reminding you of your single status. Trust us when we say, that you can survive the flower deliveries taking place around you and those jumping for joy you at their partner being ‘the bestest’ kindest partner ever!  You can warmly embrace your singleness and e and enjoy this Valentine’s Day!

1. Do it Yourself Flowers

Your a modern girl in a modern world and what better way to celebrate YOU with a bunch of flowers! Call the florist, order your favourite flowers, write a ‘note to self’ and organise delivery – to you!  A bit of self-love never hurt anyone.

2. Retail Therapy

Do we ever really need an excuse for a little retail therapy?  Valentine’s Day of all days is one that retail therapy should come with no guilt! By the heels, get the bag, update your lingerie – go do it! Do it now! Do it in the name of L.O.V.E.

3. Love is all we need

Do you have a single friend that you know will be struggling today? Send them a gift and tell them you love them. In fact, Valentine’s Day has an unwritten rule that this is the day you tell all your friends and family that you love them.

4. Couch Time

Hell No! Organise a night out with your single pals. Netflix can wait. Go for dinner, go dancing, drink cocktails. Word of caution – steer clear of happy couple locations such as niche restaurants. The love gazing couples will be in full force and will have you running for the safety of your remote control.  A pub is an ideal location and the perfect girls night out.

5. Do something for others

Why not take the money you would have used for a valentines gift and give to a worthy cause. Helping others is always a cause for celebration.

6. Look for Love online

Take advantage of quality time with your friends and host an ‘Online Dating Profile Writing Party’. You are never going to highlight your fabulous qualities as much as one of your trusted pals. Take advantage and see how creative they can be with writing your profile. Check out these guys that are designed for friends to help friends find love:    



Wherever you find yourself, have a wonderful Valentine’s Day –

It’s a day to celebrate all things L.O.V.E