Whether you’re in a relationship, have just started dating, or are currently single, most of us desire a happy, long-lasting relationship on a deeply connected and intimate level.  Although its important that you clearly know what you so that you can attract a particular person it’s also about understanding that a fulfilling long-term relationship is a marathon, not a sprint. What’s more, relationships are for healing, growth and evolution.

But you also need to perceive your relationships in the correct manner, as well as share the same values and beliefs, particularly spiritual ones. These are what keep you highly bonded throughout the whole process, including the ups and downs, so that it becomes more of a spiritual dharma of being together, rather than an ego controlled drama.

And while it’s tempting to rush in at the beginning of a relationship, you also want to make sure that you essentially strike some middle ground. That is, you don’t want to be too fearful of experimenting and trying new things.

But regardless of what stage of the relationship you are at, it’s really important to focus on love and forgiveness, having faith and grace, communicating effectively, and knowing that while you are together, you are both on your individual journeys.

Here’s how to get on track for a harmonious, rewarding and loving relationship with longevity:

Lessons in Love

I’ve said it before: you meet people for a reason, season or lifetime. As you’re with your partner for a reason, learn the lessons that need to be learned. And if that person is meant to be with you for a lifetime, that’s great. But if all lessons have been exhausted, it’s also okay to go your separate ways.

Boost Your Self-Worth

For a relationship to go the distance, it’s important to expand your own self-development, growth, evolution and self-love so that you are working on removing any limiting beliefs about yourself. Basically, you are mirroring or reflecting your own consciousness and the way you are feeling to your partner. So the more expansion you have in your consciousness, the greater your relationship will be with your partner.

It Takes Two to Tango

While you don’t have to be at the same level, authentic, loving relationships are about acceptance and not judging each other’s past. What’s more, it’s about having the same kinds of reasons of why you are naturally in the relationship, plus the ability to work out ways of progressing and improving any conflict resolution, which should always be done with respect.

Relationships Are For Healing

Knowing that relationships are for healing and why you are getting triggered emotionally and spiritually means there are areas of your life that need to be worked on. This is where you want to improve your ability to forgive, love unconditionally, let go of control, not interfere, and let your partner flourish in a way they need to. Once the triggers have been healed, you remove the blockages to love’s presence and can then move closer to your partner and have more of the relationship that you really want.

Romance & Intimacy

While sex forms an important and enjoyable component of the overall relationship, and is a topic unto itself, it’s not the total sum of it. In saying that, though, the better you communicate, connect and relate with your partner, the better your lovemaking will be.

Release Fear & Embrace Love

For me, there are two key energies – fear and love. Often things come up in relationships that are fear generated, which, to be honest, is really an illusion. You need to work out why you are pulling back or withdrawing from love, because whatever is lacking in your relationship is basically what you are not giving. For instance, if you are lacking love, genuinely give love and it will come back to you. But withdrawing love will make your partner withdraw also. It’s this fear of intimacy that stops you from getting to deeper levels with your partner and possibly hinders the longevity of the relationship.

Avoid Blaming & Shaming

Whenever you feel like you are not getting what you want in the relationship, look at yourself first. If you get into the blame and shame game where you use your partner as a bargaining agent, you’re aiming for something that essentially doesn’t exist.

Since relationships are all about expansion and growth, by positively focusing on these areas and reminding yourself of what attracted you to your partner in the first place, your relationship will thrive and flourish.