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DateMyFriend – A Unique Approach to Online dating
Victoria, Australia

DateMyFriend -  A Unique Approach to Online Dating  

Designed for Aussies that want to help their friends to find their ideal match


In the olden day's, (pre-2010) the best way to meet your partner was through friends. NOW, with online dating being the number 1 way to meet your partner, your friends have been missing out on creating great connections. DateMyFriend is giving the power back to your friends to once again help out their single mates to find love.

There are two options to set up your online dating profile:

Option 1. Your Friend Writes Your Profile

Let's face it, writing about our own awesomeness doesn't always come easily :) DateMyFriend allows your friend to write about your qualities and what makes you are a great catch. Your matches get to see what other's see about you that you may not capture in your online dating profile.

After all, your friends will have a good insight into why you are dateable.

Option 2. You Write Your Own Profile

If you want to write your own profile - you can set it up quickly and easily and start matching with those that are looking for someone like you. Additionally,  If you want your friend to look over your profile and add to it- you can simply shoot it over to them to have their say.


It's currently FREE to join the community of singles that are looking for a way to meet other Aussies that are searching now for their match.

DateMyFriend are frequently adding new features with a BIG announcement coming soon- that will make dating a whole lot safer!  Jump onto their Facebook to stay up to date with the latest news.

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Phone: 0412722869