Going on that first date when you are suddenly single will undoubtedly be a mixed bag of emotions. From the excitement and anticipation of it all, to how daunting the whole experience is being propelled back into the dating scene. Wondering how has the dating scene changed? How do you actually meet the right person? There are so many online dating companies and dating apps – which one do I choose and is it really the status quo? And, let’s not forget – what to wear!

If you are newly divorced and considering getting back in the dating merry-go-round, here are some of my top tips for survival.

Get to know who you are first

Date yourself. Otherwise, dating in the early days, you may still attract the same guy. Bah Bow! Also consider, if you are not yet divorced, do you really want to take all the “stuff” that is not yet resolved into your next relationship.

With any dating, it is important to know what your intentions are ie: are you just ‘seeing what is out there’ or are you looking for something more serious? There’s no point looking for Mr Right if you only have room for Mr Right Now.

Give Online Dating a Go

To create a great profile, use more than one photo and I would suggest perhaps 3 photos as a minimum. A close up, a full length shot and then maybe one of you doing an activity or something of interest and no sunglasses. Meet up with people that have more than one photo or always ask to see more. If you need a helping hand with your online dating profile, outsource it to the Profile Writing Service Team, who will make you profile pop.

The great thing with online dating – you can message someone during the week and have a date organised for the weekend. Coffee lunch dates allow you to extend the date or if you don’t gel with the person you can just have one coffee and it’s over. If it doesn’t work out, no doubt it will make for a great experience. View it as an opportunity to meet new people and dating practice.

Don’t Take Rejection Personally

When someone doesn’t reply to a message or contact just fizzles, it can be a bit disheartening. Life is buys and sometimes people do just get too busy with life. Nothing more, nothing less, so don’t over think the “why didn’t he call me/message me back?” just organize your next date.

Don’t Judge

Definitely don’t judge a book by its cover. Be kind – everyone wants to be liked and you don’t know what their story and journey maybe. Listen with an open heart and open mind.

Dating after Divorce can be so much fun. Yes it has changed, and that is a good thing-so have you! Go on, get back out there, you never know the fun that is in store.