It’s crystal clear to everybody that the internet changed everything. From shopping to entrepreneurship, education to relationships, our entire world has completely transformed, thanks to the wild and woolly web.

From its onset, one of the first aspects of our culture to be forever impacted by the digital space is most certainly the art of dating. First came message boards and IRC chat rooms, which were veritable meat markets in the dot com world. Then came slightly more sophisticated dating sites.  And today, websites like Free Dating Sites America have ushered in the new way of meeting, connecting, and falling in love.

 Falling in Love Moves from Desktops to Mobile

When online dating websites first launched, single folks worldwide marveled at the new tech-savvy ways of meeting, hooking up, and finding a soulmate. Two dimensional online profiles described every facet of a would-be mate, and social networks also served to be a cesspool of new connections (despite their efforts otherwise.)

Nowadays, online dating is a mobile affair, with dozens of apps using GPS tracking technology to locate eligible singles in any given geographical area. You can literally read intimate details about that cute girl at the end of the bar on one of these sites before you even attempt your most polished pick-up line. Yes indeed, technology has drastically changed the way we interact with each other, for better or for worse.

Has Technology Ruined Dating?

Many rightfully argue that the advent of digital dating has ruined the courtship process all together. Since one can simply “poke”, “like”, or “nudge” an attractive would-be date without attempting to engage in any deep conversation, it might seem as though hooking-up has replaced good old-fashioned conversation.

But don’t blame technology. Humanity has always found a way to connect in whatever way they choose, be it primitive, dignified, or some harmonious mixture of both. If a one night stand is on the menu, people have always found a way to fulfill their desires, with or without the internet. The same is true for romance and love. Technology has simplified some aspects of relationships, and made others more complicated. Overall, however, it’s been a windfall for bachelors and bachelorettes.

The Best Parts of Modern Connections

How has the web improved the art of connecting? First and foremost, dating sites make the world a much smaller place. If you’re open to finding love in any corner of the world, that used to require a lot of super sleuthing and letter writing. Now, it’s just as simple as finding a mate a few miles down the road. People from all walks of life can instantly connect, and find out all kinds of personal details before they even need to say hello.

Singles looking for very specific attributes in a mate adore online dating. If you’re picky, you can peruse profiles until you land on the exact traits you’re searching for. The web also shatters the awkward barrier present when we normally first meet someone. The anonymous nature allows those who are willing to be much more authentic out of the gate, which provides an opportunity to deeply connect in no time. And for those that choose to keep their romance wired, virtual dating is now an option for any and all. It’s the modern day long distance bond, and thousands of folks do so every day.

On the surface, it seems as if the dating game is virtually unrecognizable. Yet a closer glance shows just the opposite. People are people, and love is at the heart of what everyone is searching for. The platforms and tools for romance may have changed, but the end goals are still the same. Our modern world is a fantastically dynamic and an easy place to fall in love, and in the end, that’s all that matters.