Is the person you are dating the perennial little boy? You know the type; he wants to have it all and to just play around, the way a child does. He wants the fun, the excitement, and the anticipation. He just doesn’t want to think about tomorrow. If you’re not sure if you’re dating a man or a boy, read this check list to find out and let us know! Your Romeo might really be a Peter Pan if he:

Is not his word

A Peter Pan will do anything to make life easier for himself, and that includes making promises he’s not going to keep. If you ask him to do something and he agrees, it’s really just because he wants to get you off his back, not because he’s going to do it. It’s this shirking of responsibility that reveals immaturity.

Talks flippantly about the future but then doesn’t follow through

Does your significant other dangle a carrot in front of you, and just when you’ve gotten all excited, moved the goal posts suddenly so you don’t know where you stand? You can tell a guy’s not quite grown up when he talks about plans as if they’re set in stone, when really he has no intention of ever making good on them. This kind of attitude suggests serious commitment issues.

Avoids talking about serious relationship issues

Children, as we know, like to avoid things that are uncomfortable to deal with. They’d much rather pretend like everything is fine, and carry on as normal. Sound like a certain guy you might be dating? Of course dealing with relationship issues is never fun, but talking things through is healthy and necessary if you want to get over any problems and not let them fester. The fact that he has no interest in hashing things out and won’t compromise doesn’t bode well for a long lasting relationship.

Overreacts and blames

When you try to bring up said serious relationship issues, or try and discuss the future with him, a Peter Pan is likely to overreact and turn things around on you. ‘Why would you bring that up when we were having such a lovely weekend? You just had to ruin it by wanting to discuss that, you’re so inconsiderate!’ Sound familiar? Again, this is a classic way of avoiding responsibility, and if he likes to play the blame game rather than actually addressing something this should set the alarm bells ringing.

Loves to have fun

OK, for all his lost boy bad attitude, there’s something we can’t help but love about dating a Peter Pan. There’s a reason people will tell you to get in touch with your inner child – that immaturity is paired with a wonderment for the world and a spontaneity that people often lose when they reach adulthood. While he may not be so great at the serious stuff, that boyish charm and lust for life will certainly equal a good time!

Love it or hate it, dating a Peter Pan has its pros and cons. Chances are he might grow out of the bad points, especially if he wants to stay with you! Just make sure he doesn’t lose the good ones that made you fall for him in the first place too.


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