Everyone loves the idea of dating a hot guy: someone you can show off to your friends and who will make you feel like the luckiest girl in the world. BUT is dating someone so attractive really all it’s cracked up to be?

Sure, there are some relationships where it just works: his looks aren’t a big issue, and everything is perfect. However, for every relationship like this, there’s another relationship where his attractiveness causes problems, which can’t always easily be overcome.

The truth is that some guys are great to look at, but not always that great to date. It’s always a mistake choosing a partner based on looks alone, incompatible personalities may mean that it’s over before you’ve even started. But even if you two are perfectly suited to each other, his stunning good looks may still cause problems…

If he’s vain with his looks, then the first problem begins at home: you may well end up needing a place with two bathrooms. Some men spend just as much time in the bathroom and in front of the mirror getting ready to go out as us girls, so you could well have a fight on your hands.

Joking aside, though, there are potentially bigger psychological problems that can come with a relationship like this. There’s no doubt he’s going to attract a lot of female attention (think back to what you thought of him when you first saw him!), and the question is whether you can cope with this. Looking is one thing, but will you be able to deal with women shamelessly approaching him in public?

While you might trust him, it’s harder to trust other women. Are you going to be comfortable when he goes out without you, or will you be worrying about what he’s up to every time?

Finally, while you may think you’re the most self-confident person in the world, this might change if you date a super-hot guy. If you’re with someone who works out regularly, has a buff body and takes good care of himself generally, you might find that the pressure’s on for you to do the same. While you may not have had any body hangups before, you may start to find yourself questioning your own body shape and if you should be kicking it up a notch in the gym.

If you are dating the hot guy, not every relationship will be like this – but if you think it’ll take its toll on your emotional and psychological health, it may be wise to steer well clear.