Recently I had the pleasure of being interviewed by , on the topic  ‘Age gaps in relationships and does it matter’.

We see many celebrities enjoying age gap relationships: Catherine Zeta-Jones and Michael Douglas, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley and Jason Statham, Harrison Ford and Calista Flockhart being just a few examples. But while these celebrities can make these relationships work despite the (sometimes huge) age differences, these relationships have their pros and cons.


1. Be prepared for other people’s reactions. While some people will accept your relationship without batting an eyelid, there will be others who won’t approve. The question is whether people who are important to you are likely to accept the relationship with time.

2. What’s your partner’s motivation? If they’re the older one, is it love or are they simply trying to prove that they can still bag a younger hottie? If they’re younger, the same applies: are they doing it simply to get a reaction? Make sure you’re both in it for the right reasons.

3. How much do you really have in common? Do you have similar interests and outlooks on life? Do you like going to the same sorts of places? Make sure you’re both in the same place if you want the relationship to work. This applies to relationship stages too: if the older partner is looking to settle down and the younger is still carefree, or if one partner wants kids and the other either is too young to be ready or is older and already has a family, then things may not work out.


1. You can find someone with the right maturity level. This normally applies more to women dating older men than the other way around. The fact that women mature quicker than men is one of the reasons why dating older men often appeals!

2. Older partners have more life experience. If you’re the younger partner in the relationship, you may well find that an older partner is great in terms of advice, stability, communication, commitment and general life experience.

3. Age is but a number – it’s compatibility that counts. Ultimately, as long as you get on well, share similar interests, respectful of the age gap, have chemistry and want the same things from life, age doesn’t really matter!