• Guided Communication Option
  • Finds matches based on compatibility
  • Value matches


  • Contract Terms - Read the small print
  • High Cost for membership

eHarmony Australia, a key leader in the online dating that has brought in fresh and untried methods when it launched on our shores back in 2007.

Creating a Profile

The eHarmony Australia Review shows that you need to allow enough time to do this properly. This means devoting about an hour to fully answering the detailed questionnaire that explores your personality, habits, likes, dislikes, intellect, passions and the characteristics of your ideal partner.

Search Function

The search function is what sets eHarmony apart from other online dating websites. You don’t need to go searching! Potential love interests are delivered to your inbox daily. Matches are determined for you by eHarmony’s scientifically proven ‘Compatibility Matching System.’

What if? 

This is a section of the site that allows you to search through compatible profiles that may fall outside some of your specifications such as – where they live, beliefs, etc…

Communication Methods

Once you receive your matches, there are different ways to choose how you would like to communicate.

  • Guided communication which involves several stages. After viewing the standard profile which has basic likes, dislikes and a summary about you, the guided communication delves a bit deeper into personality traits. You progress through approximate 5 stages to determine if you would like to go to the next stage of communication.
  • Send an ‘icebreaker’ with a pre-selected question or make up your own question.
  • Send a ‘smile’.
  • Send an email (which is done through your eHarmony account.)
  • Request a secure call.


  • The search function means the pre-screening stuff has been done for you.
  • Proven scientific research that backs their matching service.
  • On the right of the profile, you’re given a snapshot of a person’s profile, making it easy to ask questions and talk about the things that interest that person.


  • If you choose to go through guided communication, it can be a lengthy process (over days and weeks) which is also dependent on the other person’s site usage and frequency… but this could also be a highlight!

Our eHarmony review shows that guided communication is unique to them and may make a big difference for some users.


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