Everyone’s a little nervous on a first date, so if you can alleviate some of the pressure with an activity it makes for an easy way to get to know each other, without firing questions back and forth across the dinner table.  If you’re in Melbourne—one of the world’s most livable cities and voted the world’s  —you are spoilt for choice when it comes to fun (and impressive) date ideas and maybe, just maybe, you’ll be on your way to scoring a second date.

 Melbourne Aquarium

 There are fish in the sea; there is no doubt about it…Melbourne Aquarium is an often overlooked first date venue. Check out the Aquarium’s experiences and activities that you can share with your date: from fish feeding, the Penguin Passport tour (Happy Feet dance moves optional) or getting up close and personal with the crocs. Hello Bear Grylls!

   Website      Melbourne Aquarium
How to Impress         Buy the tickets online prior to the date.
   What Makes it Great                                                              The variety of experiences that you can choose from or the option to simply enjoy wondering together, admiring the sea life.

 The State Library

 The state library—who would have thought to go here on a date?  Drenched in history, this heritage architect building takes up an entire city block.  Make up your own tour or join one of the pre-organised tours to explore the library. An array of exhibitions (it’s the home to Ned Kelly’s stuff) and a beautiful garden setting make for a great first date with a variety of options on how you spend your time.

   Website      State Library of Victoria
How to Impress         Take the 360 degree online interactive tour on their website so you well versed on what’s coming up on the tour.
   What Makes it Great                                                              This is a romantic date without being over the top.

  Eureka Skydeck

 Eighty-eight floors above it all!  Not designed for those with a fear of heights, this is the Southern Hemispere’s highest viewing platform. The Skydeck offers views for as far as the clouds will allow the eye to see (this is Melbourne after all). Who needs an Eiffel Tower when we have a Eureka!  While you’re there, you must experience The Edge, it’s like nothing in the world—a glass cube that sends you three meters out from the side of the building leaving you and your date dangling (well not quiet) 300 metres above the ground.

   Website      Eureka Skydeck
How to Impress         Check for a fear of heights prior to booking tickets, which can be purchased online. (The Edge cube tickets can only be purchased on level 88).  Pick up your souvenir photo on the way out. Who knows, it might be something to show your kids!
  What Makes it             Great                                                                                 A fun date experience that allows you to stare at something other than each other.

 St Kilda Pavilion

I understand if you are reading this article in winter and have huffed at the mere thought of an outside activity.  Clearly, if it looks like thunder is coming you will need to change this date idea for when it’s a little safer.  However, summer or winter, this is an ideal setting for a first date.

Stroll to the end of this iconic pier to enjoy a delicious ice-cream or hot chocolate, for an extra treat add in marshmallows and you could have a winning date formula.

   Website      There is no official website
How to Impress         The kiosk at the end of the pier was first build in 1904.  It has been transformed over the years and rebuilt after a fire in 2003.
   What Makes it Great                                                              The history, the stroll to get to the kiosk, water crashing against the pier, the smell of the fresh sea air—just let romance bloom.

  The Tasting Table

Instead of the traditional  ‘meet for a drink’,  wine tasting is an interactive alternative giving you and your date the opportunity to  learn about new wines as you taste a variety of vintages from around the world.  ‘The Tasting Table’ offers free tasting and evening events that only cost a tenner!

   Website      The Tasting Table
How to Impress         Named in the 2014 Top 50 bars by Timeout!  Taste your wines prior to purchasing them.
   What Makes it Great                                                              Not an over the top wine tasting experience; it allows you to easily interact whilst learning something new.

Melbourne Star Observation Wheel

Though it has had its challenges in the initial stages of opening, the Melbourne Star Observation Wheel is now a permanent Melbourne landmark. Parked at the docklands, this enclosed spinning wheel provides you with some of the most spectacular views over Melbourne.

   Website      Observation Wheel
   How to Impress                   Book tickets online Prior.  Alternatively, to really impress, book a private cabin for you and your date.
What Makes it Great                                                                 360 degree views over Melbourne – provides you with great conversation starters.

 Glow Golf

Your pearly whites are going to shine bright, putting you in the best possible light for your golfing expedition. 10 holes of mini golf as you and your date glow in the dark.  A little quirky, a little different, a lot of fun!

   Website      Glow Golf
How to Impress         Show off with your golf swing!
        What Makes it Great                                                              Guaranteed laughter, which reduces the awkwardness of a first date.


Drinks! This simple idea can become an amazing first date. In summertime, choose one of the rooftop bars that Melbourne is famous for. In winter, an ideal spot would be a venue with an open fire or a cosy feel (think chesterfield lounges).  Bar stools that allow you to sit side by side instead of across a table let you go in for the casual, familiar touch on the arm or back (an occasional touch on the back is an absolute winner).

   Website      Check out our reviews on bars worthy of a date night in Melbourne
How to Impress         You can’t go wrong with our bar recommendations, each review provides tip on how to impress.
   What Makes it Great                                                              It’s a no pressure date, that is easy for you to get to know each other in a comfortable environment.


The first date of a successful relationship is talked about for a lifetime. Make yours fun, make it memorable—you just don’t know where life will take you afterward.  Everyone loves a bit of effort and these are sure to be impressive without being over the top.


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