Is your relationship doomed, and you just can’t see it? Are you convinced that things will get better, when it’s unlikely that this is the case? Here are five key signs that it might be time to rethink your situation…

1.  You can’t be yourself around each other

Have friends or family members told you that you’ve changed since you’ve been with your partner? Are there aspects of your personality that you hide because you don’t think your partner will approve? This is something that’s definitely not healthy – a happy relationship is one where both parties are true, not just to each other but to themselves.

2.  Everything has to revolve around your partner

Is your relationship a balance of what you both want to do, or does your partner have the final say? It could be simple things from watching their choice of TV to eating what they want for dinner, to only going out to places they’re happy to go, leaving your desires pretty much unfulfilled. If you’re stuck in this cycle, it may be because you pandered to your partner’s needs too much early on in the relationship – it’s time to try and turn things around.

3.  Arguments are left unresolved

Everyone argues – but how are these arguments dealt with? If one of you is satisfied with the outcome but not the other, you need to work out why: is it to avoid further confrontation, or because one of you just doesn’t care? The build-up from previous arguments can get nasty when it comes to a head.

4.  Your partner holds you back

If you desperately want a career change, extra education, to push for a promotion or anything else that will move you forward in life, how does your partner react? If it’s by holding you back for one reason or another, you need to seriously evaluate your situation.

5.  There’s too much of the silent treatment

People use the silent treatment for a number of reasons: predominantly either to punish someone or to attract their attention. It’s a pretty common way of dealing with issues in a relationship, but it can also lead to frustration, resentment and the end of your time together. Essentially, it’s a sign that you need to evaluate whether you really want to continue as things are, or whether it’s better to call it a day.