‘What to do tonight?’ I feel mischief running through my veins in anticipation. I dial a wing-woman, but no luck. Looks like I’m flying solo tonight.


Where does a hip, single gal go with no mates? I scan The Age newspaper and come across a singles event ‘Dinner and Karaoke’. Oh really! What types of people go to Karaoke? Hmmm, only fun, outgoing people I hear you say? Definitely those that enjoy a drink, surely you can’t Karaoke sober? I want to know if this is a fun dating idea. Sign me up, I am a-comin’!

Preparing For My Singles Date

I drive to the venue and figure that if it’s really fun I can leave the car and cab it home. Self Affirmations are the only thing playing on my car stereo. You can do this! It will be fun, great to meet new people; isn’t that what we tell ourselves? Before I know it I am strutting to the door with attitude. Opening the door with attitude, and then shown to the table where reality comes crashing in. It’s around about the time when I lose my attitude and replace it with dismay.

A Karaoke Dinner Date Not Singing Date

There are 3 tables of 10. I am one of the lucky ones to be on this date night or should I call it date fright. To the left of me is Jekyll and to the right of me is Hekyll. Hekyll is in his early 50’s and has Pom Poms hanging from his top. He orders the lamb shanks. Much to my delight he licks the bone to ensure that he got every bit of lamb. There is nothing left on that baby! I don’t finish my meal, something has turned me off it so Hekyll asks if he can eat the rest of mine. ‘Sure Hekyll go for your life, cause you still look hungry’.

True Infatuation?

It reminds me of a Seinfeld episode, when Elaine is working out in the gym. After getting on the treadmill after the guy she fancies, she notices that he doesn’t follow the towel policy and wipe down the equipment. This leads her to believe that wow, he didn’t wipe down the equipment, he is deliberately leaving his sweat behind because he fancies me. Maybe, just maybe, the guy finishing off my meal is so into me and this is his way of showing me that he digs me. He isn’t afraid to lick my plate, no really, and share my germs. I start sweating profusely. Panic sets in as I have a vision of the Pom Poms coming towards me.

Jekyll had evidently had experience dining out previously. She knew her way around a knife and fork. Jekyll talked passionately about the pending karaoke, whilst providing me a complete insight into the content of her dinner which was in her mouth. Scratch that earlier comment about dining experience. I suggested Jekyll move next to Hekyll as I make a reprieve for the bathroom.

The Karaoke Part Of The Date

As I slapped water on my face, I contemplated leaving out the side door. No, I will see this through. I am convinced there is fun to come. Back to affirmations. Be the fun. You are the fun. You are surrounded by fun.

I skip into the Karaoke room with an aura of ‘fun’ surrounding me. The group gathers around tables that are lined up. I am not falling for that again! I grab a high-back chair and sit behind those tables. Ahhh not trapped – well done me.

I note that Jekyll and Hekyll are sitting together at Karaoke. Who knows, this could be the making of little Pom Poms. Maybe this is a fun dating idea after all – for the Jekyll who needs Hekyll.

As we are all eagerly anticipating the Karaoke part of the evening, and sharing in what will sure to be some entertaining acts, another female that is trapped at the tables, makes a reprieve and comes to join me. We hit it off. We share bad dating ideas and events that we have attended and rate this highly in the ‘are you kidding me?’ category.

The women to men ratio is 80/20. If you’re a guy you could be onto a sure thing. A couple of the men come and chat to the two obviously hot chicks that are sitting on the high chairs. The conversation and interaction is pleasant. (Definition of Pleasant – ‘socially expectable’).

The Karaoke part of the night is worth the outing. How often are you guaranteed side splitting laughter? The singers are sober and so bad that it is highly entertaining! There is however an exception; a woman sang ‘Boys in Town’ by the Divinyls. She had obviously put her hairbrush through a serious work out before tonight – she has the moves, the vocals and the look perfected.

I drove home not long after her act, oops I mean Karaoke. I have a little chuckle and congratulate myself on my efforts for turning up as a single, no wingwoman.

Thought I didn’t meet any potential dates at this event; it was better than sitting at home on my couch waiting for something to happen.

Yours – In Action….!

KP x