We hit up head barman Tom at the famously hip, New-York-style Gowings Bar & Grill for his dating insights. Gowings Bar & Grill is located at the QT Hotel in Sydney. Tom takes us behind the scenes to bring us the inside scoop on what makes this not only a great venue but the perfect dating hotspot.

Q.  How long have you been working here?

A.  18 months

Q.  What is Gowings Bar’s most popular cocktail?

A.  The most popular would currently be the Vanilla Passionfruit Pisco Sour.

Q.  What is the drink you hate to make the most?

A.  I would have to say the Espresso Martini.

Q.  What is the best drink to order if you want to look cool without coming off as a ‘try hard’?

A.  Definitely The Manhattan, or Old Fashioned.

Q.  What is the most popular date night?

A.  Thursday afternoon/night is the busiest time for dates. I would say most people want to go somewhere nice and trendy, yet avoid most of the crowds.

Q.  Where do most people sit when they come in for a date?

A.  They tend to grab the high chairs and tables, rather than stay at the bar.

Q.  Who usually pays for the drinks?

A.  The men always pay.

Q.  How can you tell when someone is on a date?

A.  After years of people-watching in hospitality venues you develop a keen eye for it. It’s pretty clear when people don’t know each other well, their body language is over-thought and the conversation usually stumbles along awkwardly.

Q.  What dating advice do you have?

A.  Relax and order a cocktail, tip the bartender big on the first drink and they will make the whole experience work in your favor.

Q.  Any words of wisdom for the daters out there?

A.  If you’re going to be adulterous don’t bring your dates to the same bars you bring your partner/family. We recognise you.

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