Happn Dating App - Overall Rating


Value for money




Unique features


Ease of use



  • Easy to set up
  • Loads of users
  • Free to chat
  • Second chance with a hottie
  • Fun to use


  • Some safety concerns
  • Seeing the person you deleted again
  • Matches based on proximity only


You’re just strolling down the street, minding your own business, when suddenly you realise that you are approaching a hottie. You slow your pace, wanting to savour the moment, and wonder whether they notice you too. Courage is on your side—you throw them a smile. They see you and nod in your direction as the corners of their mouth slide upward. The exchange of smiles is fleeting but generates enough power to send colour rushing to your cheeks.

In Australia, this scenario occurs often—someone catches a glimpse and is left daydreaming about a potential romance.

With countless missed opportunities for love, the dating app happn has come to the rescue. Every time you cross paths with a hottie who is a fellow happn member, their profile shows up on your happn matches—aka, your happn timeline. Boom! Just like that, you have been given a second chance.

The happn app was born in Paris in January 2014, and since its commencement, has had huge growth throughout the world. Now one of the most popular dating apps in Australia, it continues to gain traction with the cool dating kids looking for new ways to meet their next partner. And—in case you require further convincing—according to happn, a whopping 59% of people have fallen in love at first sight in the street! ?

Creating an Account

  • Happn uses Facebook to validate you and to create your profile.
  • You can select what information from your Facebook profile you would like to include on your happn profile, e.g., choose whether to disclose your work type, employer, school, etc.
  • Choose the pics that shows off your good side or select one of your existing Facebook pics.
  • You can specify the age range you are interested in dating.
  • Your dating life is kept private—happn does not advertise your use of it or show any activity on your Facebook page.
  • It takes a couple of minutes to set up and is available on both Android, Apple and Windows.

Search Functions

  • You don’t have to go searching for matches, the app does the work for you. People you have crossed paths with will appear on your timeline and you can choose to communicate with them or delete them.
  • Happn matching is based on a geo-targeting bestacnedrug.com system and works to within approximately 250 metres.
  • If you find someone on your timeline who you don’t fancy, simply click on the cross button and they vanish, never to be seen again. Well, on your timeline at least. BUT if you choose to reverse your decision you can simply go into your deleted users and retrieve them.
  • See someone you fancy on your timeline? Click on the heart on their profile and if there is a mutual match—they have clicked on your heart too—you can start chatting.
  • The number of times you cross paths with someone is detailed on the person’s profile along with the approximate location of where your paths crossed. If you are city slicker you may well find that you encounter the same person several times, as they are walking past or driving past your building.


  • Free to start chatting with mutual matches.
  • You can purchase charms that allow you the ability to send a message showing that you are interested without waiting to see whether there is a mutual exchange of <insert a heart>. 10 charms can be purchased for US$2.99.
  • You can also earn credits by inviting your friends through Facebook, twitter and email.

Cool Stuff

  • You can connect your Instagram account, giving further insight into you and your life.
  • Happn can connect with Spotify and display a selection of the music you like—cute, right?  Create a play list together!
  • If you cross paths with someone and you do not want to chat to them, simply click the X on the profile and it will be removed.
  • The happn website has FAQs and instructions on how to set it up if you need some assistance.
  • You can choose to pause your account for up to 8 hours, meaning no one will cross your path during this time.

Need to Know

  • If you are the type of person who is not entirely comfortable passing someone and having your details pop up on their timeline, then this is probably not the dating app for you.
  • If anyone misbehaves you can report it to happn and they will sort it out. Or, alternatively, you can block anyone you do not want on your timeline.

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