Since women can be subtle about displaying romantic attraction, you might find it tough to judge their level of interest. Look out for these key signs if you want to boost your success with the opposite sex.

 1) Her body language suggests attraction

Always observe nonverbal cues when you’re spending time with a prospective love interest. Most importantly, be aware of sustained eye contact and make sure you hold her gaze. The longer you look into each other’s eyes the more likely you are to be making a romantic connection. If the lighting allows, you might even spot dilated pupils that widen in response to the release of chemicals associated with sexual attraction. It’s also smart to notice mirroring behaviors that intensity the rapport between two people. If she tilts her head when you do or crosses her legs to mirror yours, these behaviors are significant predictors of romantic attraction. In addition, the more she smiles at you, the more sure you can be that she is interested in you.

 2) She listens to you and wants to know more about you

Although someone who is platonically interested in you might also want to learn about your life, a woman who finds you attractive will be particularly keen to understand you. If she’s asking lots of questions and keeping track of significant details, she’s probably intrigued at the very least. The level of attention she pays is also important. Is she nodding, displaying empathy and listening intently? If so, you’re making a good impression and she’s interested.

 3) She lets you into her personal space

It’s a good bet that a woman is attracted to you if she seems to like it when you lean in towards her. As well as letting you into her personal space, she might actively try to move into yours. For example, she may lean forward when you’re talking, move close to say something in a soft voice, or reach out to brush something off your shirt.

 4) She thinks about you when you’re not around

Does she get in touch with you to talk about your day or see how you’re doing? Is she interested in interacting through social media? These are signs that you’re on her mind even when you’re not around, and it is often romantic attraction that prompts this preoccupation and high level of interest.

 5) She openly shares information about herself

If a woman is opening up to you and letting you get to know her properly, she trusts you and wants you to begin to see her true self. In contrast, a reticence to answer personal questions or a tendency to give guarded answers suggests that she isn’t feeling a connection.

 6) She’s interested in follow up dates

Finally, if she is quick to accept invitations or suggest future plans, this is the most obvious indicator that she is attracted to you. Relax, and look forward to your next date!