What You Need to Put in Your First Text So That She Will Reply

So, you got her number. Smooth. But now comes the BIG question: What should you text her?

This is a big question and a life-changing moment (alright maybe not life changing) BUT while getting her number is obviously a big deal and worthy of a small celebration, the real hard work starts now.

After all, there’s no guarantee that she’ll even reply to your text.

I know – that sucks.

But it’s okay, because in this article I’m going to show you how to start texting a woman so that she replies – and keeps replying.

First of all, here’s what you shouldn’t do:

Don’t Say “Hey”

Just hey? Just hey?

Forget about it. In the age of Tinder she’s got lots of options and a lot of “Heys”. AND “hey” isn’t going to go anywhere!

Don’t Text Without A Purpose

Got no real reason to text her, no end game? Got no idea where you want this conversation to go? Wait until you’ve got a purpose to text her, otherwise, the convo could die super quick and be super forgettable. Get creative and find your purpose and keep your end game in mind! NOTE – this only applies to your initial text – when you know here a little better then random texts are a clear winner!

Don’t Wait Three Days

I don’t care if macho players tell you they wait three days before texting their “babes”. You shouldn’t wait. If you do, you won’t be fresh in her mind anymore and she might not be so reciprocal.

Text her either that same night or the next day (but not too early in the day – after all, you wanna look busy and chilled.)

Don’t Send a Topless Pic

It’s really not okay to start by sending her a topless pic of you, no matter how amazing you look. This also extends to any other body parts.

Don’t Send any Pics Without a Caption

If you just send a random pic without a caption, it’s going to confuse the heck out of her. Even if it’s a sunset or a nice meal. If you send a pic as your opening message – I strongly recommend that you add a caption so that she’s got something to pick up on.

Don’t Adopt Text Slang

It’s massively unattractive and probably won’t net you a reply.

Got all that? Okay.

Now here are the things you should do as you learn how to start texting a woman:

Do: Introduce Yourself!

This doesn’t mean that you should be ridiculously formal.

The difference between a great intro text and an average one:

AVERAGE: mean, you shouldn’t write something like “Hey, it’s Rob Jones who you met last night. How’s it going?”

It doesn’t leap off the screen at her in such a way that she thinks “OMG I NEED TO REPLY RIGHT AWAY.”

Be funny and engaging with how you introduce yourself. Refer back to the conversation you guys had or a joke you shared.

GREAT INTRO: let’s say you two had a conversation about how you like Vikings and wish you could have lived in that era. You could write something like “Hey, it’s Rob the Viking from last night (yes I totally am a Viking).”

Regardless of how you introduce yourself, don’t be boring – but at the same time, keep it short. I’d suggest using three sentences at the most.

Do:Ask a Question

Questions are secret weapons. If she wasn’t going to reply to a simple “hey!” she’ll most likely definitely reply to a question.

Naturally, you don’t want to get heavy with the questions right away. Avoid all political, personal, religious, philosophical or career-related questions for now. Keep things light with a simple “do you have Whats App?” type question.

You could even ask her how she is, provided the rest of your text is sufficiently gripping. If “hey, how’s your day?” is all you’ve got, it isn’t going to cut it.

Try something like this instead:

“So… I just had a mind-blowing idea – you/me and ice cream one night this week… what’s your favourite flavour? “

In this way, you’re catching her interest, giving her something to pick up on, and you’re also asking a question. It’s not the most in-depth question in the world – but it isn’t supposed to be. Anything too heavy will instantly put her off.

Do: Keep It Simple

I can’t stress this enough. If you fire off a six- sentence text that asks two different questions and covers two to three topics, you will confuse the heck out of her.

I know you want to impress her, but you can impress her with brevity.

There’s an art to doing this without being boring.

If you write too much in your first text, you can seem desperate and overwhelming. The key is to keep it simple, cool – but interesting.

Never go over three sentences. Be punchy. Cut out the weakest sentence if you happen to write more than three at first. Cover two topics at the most – the introduction and a question works well.

Do: Be Funny

NOTHING gets a girl interested as much as a funny dude.

If you can make her laugh with your first message, there’s, like, a 95% chance she’s going to reply.

Not kidding. Funny wins.

The easiest way to be funny is to be self-deprecating. Now, you don’t want to be TOO self-deprecating, as this makes it look as though you lack self-esteem. But you could mention something hilarious that happened to you today and use this as an ice breaker before asking how she is.

Ready to hit send? Good luck!