If you are tired of staring at your computer screen until it drifts into screen saver mode while you wait for inspiration – we are here to help.  Try these tips on how to write an online dating profile, and you are sure to win the grand prize – the date!

  1. Reveal an interesting fact about yourself

Nearly every online profile contains similar information: a love for movies, dining out, and travel. To stand out from the pack, include an interesting fact that doesn’t  fall  within the standard parameters. This could include how you like to spend your weekends, qualities that make you fun, or your favourite hobby and how often you partake in it.

  1. Blow your own trumpet

If anyone is going to sing about how great you are, it should be you! Focus on your virtues and not your flaws. If you’re having trouble coming up with ideas, try asking your closest friends for help in identifying your best features. Sometimes we are too modest to recognize our own brilliant qualities, but you should not be afraid to showcase yourself on your dating profile.

  1. Cull it

The purpose of your online dating profile is to provide a snippet of yourself, not your whole life story. After all, you want to maintain a little mystery—your matches should still have questions to ask when you get to the dating stage. So cull it down! Don’t be afraid of the delete button: it’s your friend.

  1. What are you looking for in a partner?

Including a list of what you want in a person will help weed out those who don’t match your criteria. A few online dating companies now have ‘Deal Breakers,’ which allows you to instantaneously filter out profiles that aren’t compatible with yours. However, don’t be too picky—selecting 3 deal breakers should be the absolute maximum.

Just remember, if you think in terms of how you would present yourself in person upon meeting someone for the first time, you will be on your way to a winning profile in no time!

If you need help getting a kick ass dating profile – click here and take your dating life to high gear.