The short answer – Absolutely!

It’s totally fine to be dating more than one person at the same time – in fact, I encourage it!

That’s part of dating. Dating more than one person brings an array of benefits :

  1. Helps to increase your odds of finding the right partner
  2. Enables you to take your time and not rush into a relationship
  3.  Stops the neediness that can come from dating one person as you are keeping your options open
  4. Can reduce the ‘waiting around’ time for that text or call from the one you are dating
  5. You have a mindset of abundance when you are dating more than one person

There are of course some guidelines that apply that come with dating more than one person concurrently. Respect for those that you are dating and an element of transparency.

On the first few dates:  you do not need to declare your dating activities and the number of dates you have lined up.  If, however, you are asked directly if you are dating others, it’s important you answer honestly.

At that stage, it’s up to the other person to decide what is acceptable for them and if they want to continue to date you or not.

Depending on where you are at in the dating stages, it maybe the conversation that helps you to decide whether to move forward together or to continue focusing on dating others.

If you have made a commitment to be exclusive to someone then it is time to stop dating other people. This allows your other dates to find their potential partner and you the opportunity to give your new relationship the commitment it requires.

On the other end of the spectrum, be mindful that dating and chatting to, too many people at the one time can turn into a dangerous game of ‘always seeking greener pastures’ and dating becomes a game. Such an easy thing to do in our modern swipe culture that has the potential of ruining something that could be great!

With everything – a balanced approach, being respectful of those that you are dating, matching their investment is the key to dating more than one person at the same time.