How Many Times Have You Asked Yourself is Love Worth the Risk?

If you’ve suffered from a broken heart, experienced the pain of betrayal or struggled through multiple romantic disasters, you might wonder whether love is really worth the risk.

However, while it is undeniably difficult to trust someone with your heart, love is a fundamental part of a happy life and it is always worth pursuing.

Here are some of the key reasons why you should take the plunge in spite of bad past experiences, and some tips that will help you to rebuild your dating confidence.

Why Love is worth the risk

is love worth the risk

  • Playing it safe is dull. While a safe life may be predictable and calm, it will never give you the chance to experience the exhilarating highs associated with falling in love.
  • Life is about risk and experience. Your life is half-lived if you spend every moment trying to avoid anything that might hurt you. People typically claim to regret the things they didn’t find the courage to do, rather than expressing regret about the difficult or frightening things they chose to do
  • Even though it’s hard to see the silver lining in a painful break-up, it will inevitably lead to some developments that make you happy in the long run. For example, if you think of a negative moment from your adolescence, you should be able to trace it out to something you treasure in your adult life.
  • Sharing your life with someone allows you to experience a type of intimacy that is seldom found in other relationships. Being in love gives you permission to let your true nature shine and to grow alongside another person, enhancing your self-development and giving you meaningful companionship on a daily basis.

How to rebuild your dating confidence

leap of faith

  • If you haven’t tried dating much recently, start small. For example, send a few messages to people with interesting dating profiles and just see where the conversation leads you. It can also be fun and productive to consider seeing people who might not have initially caught your eye, as these encounters can hone your dating skills and also provide some unexpectedly strong romantic connections.
  • Remember that everyone has baggage from the past, and most people have suffered through rejection or heartache. The right person will understand that you are the sum of all of your experiences and will not expect you to be perfect or psychologically unblemished.
  • Consider seeing a counselor if you’re finding it particularly hard to move on from a lost love. In addition to processing the loss, you can figure out how to avoid repeating unproductive communication patterns in future relationships.
  • Work out a strategy for learning lessons from dating setbacks. Any time a date feels awkward or a relationship doesn’t work out, try to figure out what went wrong and how it can be prevented in the future. Pick yourself up as quickly as you can, and keep looking for someone who is right for you. It’ll be worth it!

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