Any woman would be quick to tell you that the first kiss can make or break your future together.  This means that if the first kiss reveals a kissing compatibility issue be prepared not to see her again!  Harsh, but, in a lot of scenarios, true.  I don’t want to add any further pressure to your dating check sheet; however, if she likes you and the date/follow-up dates are going well she is likely expecting some fabulous lip action!

What are the keys to a great first kiss, to leaving a woman breathless and fantasising about the next one?

1. The Guaranteed First Kiss That Will Leave Her Wanting More

If you have read all the signals correctly and she is at the anticipation stage then she is wondering when you are going to kiss her. The first kiss should be light and momentarily lingering! The aim here is to give her a taster of what’s to come.  Don’t serve the whole enchilada at the first opportunity. 

How to perfect the linger kiss:  Gently brush your lips against hers. Kiss her lightly two to three times, then gently and slowly pull away. This is enough to get her a little giddy and to wonder why the kiss didn’t go further, yet just enough to give her a hint of what you’re holding back.

This is a move that is guaranteed to have her thinking about the kiss and eagerly awaiting the next lip encounter. 

2. Kiss Her Like You Mean It

OK Casanova, you are ready to move to the next kissing stage. Kiss her like you mean it is about taking a bit of control in the lip department!

How to perfect the kiss her like you mean it:  Again, this should be light feathery kisses to start with which gradually build to longer, deeper, and more sensual kisses. Your hands should be positioned around her waist to pull her in close, or alternatively lightly on her cheeks and neck. Mix some light feathery kisses in with the deeper ones—move momentarily down to her neck and this kiss will have her going weak at the knees.

3. The Make Out Session

Everyone who loves kissing LOVES a good make out session. I mean, really, it’s one of the best, and often underrated, things in life. When her partner is a great kisser an incredible make out session can send a woman’s head spinning with excitement. Note: don’t forget to have a close shave as make out sessions can result in serious pash rash for women (red chin syndrome is not so comfortable—or attractive)!

4.The Hollywood Kiss

This has to be one of the all-time best kisses. Because, let’s face it, all women want to be Hollywood kissed at least once in their lives.

How to perfect the Hollywood kiss:  There’s one man who can demonstrate everything you need to know about the Hollywood kiss. It’s none other than Gerald Butler. Check out this incredible kiss—it contains all the ingredients for fireworks!

How To Kiss a Woman:   This is the Perfect Hollywood First Kiss 

How To Kiss a Woman to Leave Her Breathless

If you are a confident kind of fella you could always use this as your first kiss. If perfected, either one you choose will have her wanting more.

Some of you may think this is over the top, but get the first kiss right and she will be bragging about your lips to all her pals.

So pucker up and get your first kiss right! Look for opportunities to throw in a Hollywood kiss that sweeps your woman off her feet. For a moment in time she’ll see herself as the leading lady in a romantic adventure.