Melbourne is one of the few places on earth where you can buy a 00 jacket then sip a latte down a laneway that smells less than appealing – and enjoy both!

This unique Melbourne date idea is all about taking the one you love around some of the most fun and interesting spots.  Or, more to the point they will be taking you!

In a Nutshell

It begins when you give your date a stack of printed photos yes it is still possible to print them!  These are the breadcrumbs that make a trail to follow through the CBD. When they have explored their way to the last photo clue there is an awesome surprise waiting for them!

This date nails it because following the trail is enough to keep the conversation flowing and gives you the chance to take your date to your favorite spots!  And, best of all it is mega easy to organise.

Step 1: Get a map

Head to the City of Melbourne site and grab one of their tourist walks. These are detailed summaries of some of the best places to go and serve as a starting point for your adventure. Best of all they point out things you will have never seen before which will make you look like a total hipster pro!

Pick one of these guides and save it to your phone as you will need to follow it before the day.

Step 2: Take some pics

A few days before the date follow the map on your phone and take a photo every 50 or so steps.


royal arcade

Some tips to make it more interesting:

  • If your date knows the city well spread the photos out a little more to make it more fun
  • The street art laneways are really interesting to use as clues as they are basically full size.
  • If your partner loves a good challenge make the photo clues really hard (you can always use the warmer cooler hints.
  • The guides are just a starting point so be adventurous and go off course if you are near something interesting you want to do together.
  • Remember to plan a latte or cider in there somewhere too. The breadcrumbs trail will keep the small talk going but you want to connect as well.
  • End the journey at an event such as a delicious dinner, cocktail tasintg or one of these great date ideas

Step 3: Print the photos

Head to Officeworks and print the photos out. Make sure you keep them in the correct order so they can be followed. Writing a number on the back of each one is a great trick for this.

Step 4: The fun begins

Meet your date at the start of the walk and hand them the photo clues with the explanation that they are now the Tour Guide connecting the dots!

Your date will surely have not had a date experience like this before.  Allow a few moments for the shock and excitement to build.

Following the clues is actually harder than it seams so you may need to drop some clues occasionally. Gauge how much they are enjoying it first, however, and if your partner is loving the challenge then just let them go for it!

If you would like some conversation starters and tips that go well with this date check out the guide at Fight for Her date ideas

Enjoy the date!