When you’re stuck on the other side of the world from your long-term lover, or even just in the next city – there is nothing more important than keeping the lines of communication open if you want your intimacy to be alive and kicking.

Texting your way through a long distance relationship can be a grueling task, but on the other hand, there really is nothing that compares to the simplicity and the immediacy of the simple text. Do it right, and the distance really will make your love stronger. Follow these texting tips to find out how.

LDR’s Are Tough, But You’re Tougher

Long distance relationships (LDR’s) are tough, there’s no denying it. And it’s not just the little bit about missing having your other half’s presence at a dinner party: it’s the lack of intimacy. We’re social creatures, we need someone to be close to, both physically and emotionally, and distance sure makes that hard.

However, it’s not all bad news. Research shows that people who are in committed LDR’s, who make the effort to stay intimate, have much better communication channels than those who aren’t. Long distance relationships force you to open up and become intimate in words, not just actions.

But how can you maintain this intimacy over a long period of time over hundreds of kilometers? Texting, of course!

Play Intimate Texting Games

Keep close over distance by finishing each other’s sentences – literally.

Text your partner something that’s on your mind, but leave the last few words blank and let them finish it off.

Try:  “It drives me crazy when you….”


“I bet you can’t stop thinking about my…”

It will have you thinking about every detail about each other – and then putting it into text.

Get Traditional

Love letters aren’t just for Shakespeare – romantic prose dedicated to your someone special creates an incredible sense of intimacy, especially if you put into words every thing you think and feel, but with a poetic touch (think Keira Knightly in Atonement, and you’re on the right track).

But don’t even think of putting pen to paper – ain’t nobody got time for that – text away and press send for instant romance.


If you’re at work, having dinner with your friends, or at home in bed, and you have a super intimate thought about your partner out of nowhere, stop and tell them.

‘Was just in the middle of a meeting and couldn’t help thinking of how sexy you look coming out of the shower 😉 x’

They’ll be pleased to know that they’re always in your thoughts – no matter how inappropriate the timing.

Be Descriptive

Instead of just reiterating how much you miss them, let them know exactly why. Be specific and let them know that you remember all the details that make them special, and that you appreciate them.


‘I miss waking up next to you on Sunday with your head tucked under my arm, knowing we’re not getting out of bed for hours’

Sweat The Small Stuff

When you’re forced to be apart it’s important to be a detail FREAK. Take the time to answer every question they ask you, and don’t forget to ask them about both the big and small events in their life…participate.

Texting is a Two-Way Conversation

Always take the extra time to write their name (or another cute name) and sign off with something cute or sexy.  If something seems off, make sure you get to the bottom of it by calling them before it escalates out of control.

The task of nurturing intimacy in long distance relationships can be daunting. However, when you keep the lines of instant communication open through frequent and creative texting, you will come out the other side closer and even more intimate than ever before.