Nowadays it seems as if we are all jetsetters, and your chances of falling head over heels for someone from another time zone have significantly increased. Whether you are pulled in by a sexy accent, an exotic appearance or the temptation to share experiences with someone from another country, it is easy to become attached even when we know that it could be a difficult relationship. More and more people are finding themselves in long-distance relationships and to keep that fire burning, there are a few steps that we should be taking.

1. Skype

The Internet has made it so much easier to keep in touch with anyone anywhere. Simulating face to face conversations on Skype or showing your sexy side on the webcam is a great way to keep the passion alive.

2. Gifts

Send each other little gifts to show that you are thinking of one another. Take pictures with the gifts that you have received, and if it is sexy lingerie send some cheeky selfies as a little teaser.

3. Make sure you are on the same page

This is important, as you need to be thinking the same if you are going to make the relationship work. Do you want to eventually live together in one country? Is this an open or a closed relationship? Do you both want a long-term future together? These are all questions you need to both have the same answers to if you want to avoid being paranoid or wasting your time.

4. Always have a trip booked

Long-distance relationships can be disheartening at times if you don’t know when you are going to see each other next. Try to always have a trip booked to see one another, or at least be planning one. This gives you something to look forward to.

5.  Get in sync

Watching a movie at the same time or eating a meal together is a great way to feel like you are close even though you are so far away. Download a free messaging app and keep in touch all day long.

Long-distance relationships have a bit of a rocky reputation, but if you are both on the same page and you know what you want then you can turn this period into the perfect opportunity to build trust and ultimately strengthen your relationship.


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