Pull out your whip, dust off your heels and strap on your fascinator – it’s time to hedge your bets and play the numbers game at the Melbourne 2015 Spring Racing Carnival.

One of the biggest events on any socialite’s calendar, the Spring Carnival has arrived and it’s packed with loads of fun and action!

As a seasonal race goer and an abundance of punting pals, we are well equipped to give you the each way odds to survive the carnival, look your best and maybe just maybe meet a hot filly along the way. After all, the races are one of the best places to meet your next date.

1. It’s not the size that matters, it’s the shape

Translation – put down the diet pills, step away from the lemon detox, claim your fridge space back and chuck the vegetable soup. It’s not the size that matters. Take intended funds for diet products and purchase padded underwear to buff up your butt. Why not throw in a bra enhancer while you are at it. It’s all in the name of ‘shape’ of course.

2. Don’t hide your face with your hat

‘I want to see what is under the hat’. Fascinators, hats, flowers..…they are great but don’t hide your face. At the Melbourne Spring Carnival, keep it stylish and tasteful, and use extreme caution when moving your head, I have nearly had my eyes poked out by one of those feathers.

3. Compliments

Don’t be shy; feel free to give the men some positive reinforcement. If they look good, tell  them! Appreciate their tie, shirt, suit – just compliment on something.  Men have feelings too you know.

4. Don’t slur your words

He said – ‘Women put in so much effort for the day and look stunning. Some spoil it when they open their mouths and can’t put two words together; it’s such a turn off’.   Fillies – keep it nice throughout the day, have a drink but don’t get sloshed. Leave as you came, amazing darling.

5. Don’t forget your pants

What to wear at the races? Certainly not very, very short dresses – they’re an eyesore. How short is too short? Do the bend test. If you bend over and there’s any indication of underwear, step away from the dress and find more appropriate attire. Think unique, elegant, and stylish.

6. Be prepared to meet your future husband

Yes sirey bob! He could be just a patch of grass away! This is a great time to meet new people. Everyone is in high spirits, out for a punt and playing the numbers game. Keep your eyes peeled and smile. There is no shortage of single studs just waiting for elegantly styled fillies to bestow their tips on.

7. Say no to Taffeta

Diamante’s and taffeta have no place at ‘The Track’. Save those beauties for the nightclubs. When dressing for the races appropriate attire is similar to what you would wear to a wedding. If you look like a bridesmaid you have gone one step too far. Though mid-drifts are this year’s statement piece, Flemington is a little slow at catching up with the latest fashion trend and may turn you away.

8. Be on your game

Drink the best champagne, talk to everyone, make new friends, smile, walk with attitude and own your outfit – it’s your day out! If you want to talk to the best of the studs, be the best of the fillies…. Classy attracts classy!

9. A sure thing

If anyone tells you a horse is ‘a sure thing,’ back it! .  The carnival brings some of the best thoroughbreds however there are no ‘sure things’ – in racing that is. Follow a jockey, follow a trainer, follow the guy that you overheard placing a bet, or select randomly – whatever you do, enjoy the punt; don’t blow it all and go with what you want to lose!