OkCupid is one of the coolest online dating websites in Australia! It’s fresh and original. If you’re looking for a date or a mate, check it out.

Initially launched in the US by 4 successful entrepreneurs, it was sold in 2011 to Match.com for approximately $50 million. OKCupid uses a customised math equation matching system to bring you potential matches. Their formula consists of collecting 3 main values from the following areas when you answer questions

  • Your answer.
  • How you’d like someone else to answer.
  • How important the question is to you.

As long as you answer honestly, they’ll deliver accurate matches.

Creating a Profile

OKCupid has kept it simple, yet interesting. After uploading your profile picture(s), you move to the ‘About Section.’ Along with the standard ‘get to know you questions,’ they have mixed it up with questions such as ‘What are you doing with your life?’ ‘How would you spend a typical Friday night?’ and ‘Six things I could not be without,’ just to name a few.

The OKCupid Review reveals that you can improve your matches through the use of a further 75 multiple choice questions that unlock further features/matches of the site as you complete them. These questions are member driven so some can get a little personal. It’s not necessary to answer these. They are quite entertaining and also allows further matching criteria to be used to deliver highly compatible matches.

Search Function

There are a range of options for searching and receiving matches. There are matches that are automatically delivered to you by the Staff Robot. These are based on what you have selected as ‘currently looking for.’

You have the ability to search by varying topics, such as interests, job, income, smoker, drinker, same beliefs and what the person is looking for.

Pay a few extra dollars to become an A-List member and it will let you view profiles invisibly, search by more functions such as personality and body type, see who rated you, know when someone has read your message, change your user name, store up to 5,000 messages and is free from adverts.

All matches contain a ‘match percentage’ outlining if the person would be a good Match- Friend -Enemy. This allows you to easily eliminate the enemies without having to find out on a date.

Communication Methods

Two main forms of communication:

  • Email – send and receive emails through the site.
  • Instant Messenger – you can view if someone is online and start chatting live. You can turn this off if you prefer to be invisible when online.

Tech Features

  • Facebook login option.
  • Can share you profile on Facebook/Twitter.
  • iPad and Android app.
  • Upload multiple photos.
  • Instant Messenger.
  • Email support.


  • You can quickly see how a person measures up as a potential Match, Friend or Enemy. They have even included a section for those rating highly in the enemy stakes, the reasons listed under ‘Y’all got issues.’
  • All matches have a comparable breakdown of the key areas compared against your profile.
  • Provides an indication of how the person responds to requests: often, not so often or a regular responder
  • The option to receive a list of similar users to the one you’re viewing.


  • There’s a section where others can rate you. If you have been rated highly, you have to pay to find out who rated you.
  • Advertisements appear if you only have a basic subscription.
  • It’s highly addictive! This could also be a highlight

OKCupid is original and fresh. They keep it interesting as you travel through the world of online dating. You get a detailed insight into someone’s personality traits before you start communicating.

OKCupid is voted by Datelicious as one of the TOP 5 online dating websites in Australia.