Wine + salumi = an unforgettable dinner experience!

‘Benvenuta, bella’ (translation: ‘Welcome, beautiful’) is how I was warmly greeted entering this cosy bar cum restaurant. ‘They had me at ‘beautiful.’

From the moment you enter, the staff at Ombra will assist you with everything from seating to wine and food selection in a friendly and prompt manner.

On warmer nights we suggest you relax in the outside patio area, but if it’s a bit chilly, you can still enjoy the liveliness of Bourke Street from inside the venue via its large windows. Alternatively, perch yourself at one of the restaurant’s many high tables that allow for intimacy and engaging conversation. There is also a dining area available upstairs for a more formal setting.

If you’re just meeting up for a drink or two, Ombra’s entrée selection is superb and can provide you with some bite-sized snacks to nibble on, but if you’re looking for a more substantial meal, you simply must try one of the traditional Italian-style pizzas—among the best in Melbourne!


 Impressive Knowledge Points

Owned by the Groossi Group–they know a thing or two about what makes a great restaurant and bar.


The preservation and delivery of the highest quality of cured meats – a must try!



Secure Parking

55 Bourke Street, Melbourne

Enter via McIIwraith Place


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