There are so many ways to get your heart pumping with your significant other.  We have four of the best reasons to make your relationship one with ‘calorie burning’ benefits when it comes to talking all types of hot and sweaty. Who knew?

1.   Stay Motivated

The alarm is buzzing for your 5.30 am workout and you are contemplating rolling over, hitting snooze and giving it a miss. However, if your workout partner is just at arm’s length it may be the perfect thing to help you get motivated to jump out of bed and hit the gym.

At times we all need a helping hand in the motivational stakes. We can’t always be self motivated. That’s why a partner is an ideal candidate to help in those times when one of you just can’t face your workout.

Commitment to someone else usually outweighs commitment to yourself! We often let ourselves down when we just can’t be bothered but that little bit of guilt about letting someone else down can be just the thing you need to get you moving.

2.  Bonding

 ‘The couple that sweats together stays together’. Working out allows quality time to be spent together. You can share the challenges of your workout, for example, spotting each other when lifting weights; competing during your next set of 20 squats; running together and encouraging each other. You don’t have to prioritise a workout over spending time with your partner if they are right there alongside you. Double winner!

3.  Fun Times

Workouts should not be doom and gloom. Finding a common exercise that you both enjoy can be rewarding for each of you. For example, if you both enjoy running, you can set a goal and plan runs in different locations. The big part of the planning is the victory celebration after you have achieved your goal.  Who better to share it with!

4.  Feeling Good

As we all know, exercise releases crazy, fun endorphins that give us that extra buzz. Instead of slothing in front of the couch, being active naturally increases the energy you have to do other things. Which in turn, results in better quality time spent together.

Do you work out with your partner? What are your top benefits?


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