The ‘Aussie Bloke’ can sometimes cop a little unfair flack in the dating world; unfortunately this can be the reason some ladies are turned off the idea of dating an Aussie Bloke.  But let’s not be too quick to paint all of our Aussie boys with the same brush.  Let’s explore and find out what makes them not only great dating material but solid relationship choices too.

1.   Keeping it real

You don’t have to mince words with our Aussie blokes and they certainly won’t either. He keeps it real with direct conversation and has no interest in drama. The best part of this is you know what you’re getting and you will know (mostly) what is going on in his head.

2.  They know a Good Beer when they taste one

Our Aussie blokes have a diverse palate for good beer; if you enjoy a cold beer on a hot day you’ll be reaping the rewards of this right away. They are not afraid to introduce you to and demonstrate their knowledge of beers and the best way to drink them… chilled with company.

 3.   Work hard

They don’t mind rolling up their sleeves when the time calls for it. If there’s work to be done they’ll get stuck in. We all know there’s nothing more unattractive than a man with no motivation; you’ll be safe knowing you’ve got someone who will get up and get things done.

 4.  Play hard

On the opposite end of the scale, our Aussie blokes love to unwind and relax with a drink in one hand, as they stand around a BBQ and share their (sometimes) unruly antics with their mates.  They highly rate their male counterparts and enjoy spending quality time with them.  No excuse needed for you to head off with your girlfriends for a fun night out.

5. Are Well Travelled

Aussie’s in general are well known for their sense of adventure.  It is highly likely to come across an Aussie bloke on any international adventure you may be in the midst of.  They are tucked away in all corners of the world.  When you are traipsing the globe sometimes you need the comfort of your Aussie bloke – especially for those home sick moments.

 6.  They’re faithful

Yes they love to party, have a few (several) and get a little rowdy with their mates, but in other ways they stay out of trouble. An International survey of 40,000 men has revealed that Aussie men are among the most faithful to their partners in the world. Ranking highly just below German and Polish.

No one’s going to fit the mould exactly as the stereotypes dictate; your own Aussie bloke might have some of these great qualities with some great streaks of others in the mix. So the next time you get chatting to an Aussie bloke, don’t be too quick to put them in the ‘no’ pile. Talk a little longer, find out what’s on his mind; he may just surprise you.   He could be a ripper!