With the insane amount of texting today, most women have already experienced their fair share of disasters, such as shameless drunk or over-texting. Ready to avoid some of the most common texting mistakes? It’s easier than you think if you follow these rules for texting guys.

 1.     Nagging

Most guys don’t nag. It’s just not a guy thing to do. So, remember to never nick-pick your partner via text, or send “negative vibe” messages. The following two texts might seem like harmless questioning to you:

“Are we going out for Italian again?”  / “Why don’t you call more frequently?”

They are passion killers.  Why not try spinning your texts in a more playful way, such as:

“Take me out for sushi…and you might get lucky :-)” /  “Call me, I want to hear your sexy voice”

 2.     Me, Me, Me

 Put forth the effort to make each text exchange 50:50. Show as much interest in learning about your partner, as writing about yourself.  How can you do this?  End your text message with a question. Questioning shows that you are interested in what your partner has to say, and it almost guarantees that you’ll receive a response.

 3.     Asking “What’s Wrong?”

Not all questions are created equal, and there are some questions that  should be avoided over text.  Men cringe when they see “what’s wrong” or “can we talk” pop up on their screen. Even if you can’t see the painful expression on their face, it’s almost certainly there. If you’re feeling that something might be wrong in your relationship, wait until you have the opportunity to speak to him face to face, or give him a call.

4.     Sending unflattering photos

 With today’s smart phones, photos are extremely easy to take.  How can you avoid sending out a photo that misrepresents you and your “personal brand”? Easy. Take the photo, wait, than ask yourself these two simple questions before sending:

  •  Does this photo do me justice?
  • Would I cringe if my boss, or grandma saw it?

If you’re not comfortable with the answers to these questions, press delete.

 5.     Taking the fun out of texting

Guys love fun. So, make each one of your text messages a treat, not a nuisance. What’s the secret recipe for fun? Do not nag (See #1), and surprise him with something creative.

Instead of texting: “Hey you, what’s up?”

Text instead: “What are you doing right now? Besides thinking about me”

 6.     Re-using winning text messages

 We all know that a lot of men re-use pick up lines, first date venues and even their choice of flowers. So, you should follow their lead, and start keeping track of, and re-using your winning text messages. When you notice that one of your messages was a hit, leverage it, and use it again!

(one of my personal favorites is: “Sleep tight and promise that you’ll dream of me too”)

 7.     Telling them everything

The number one rule in seduction is staying mysterious. You should leave your partner craving more. As tempting as it might be, never use texting as a muse to share your life story. Use it instead as a way to pique his interest, and stay on his mind.

If you follow these rules for texting guys, you’ll be well on your way to harnessing texting’s powerful seduction potential…and you’ll have a blast along the way.