‘Mucho gusto, Australia.’ ‘El gusto es mio, Argentina.’

San Telmo is Melbourne’s exciting Argentinean restaurant and bar, drawing inspiration from Latin American food, wine and culture.

Immerse yourself in a warm and relaxed dining experience featuring many staples of Argentinean delights: empanadas, mollejas, and other grilled favourites prepared to your tastes on the 2.5 metre parrilla (char grill). Pair off any of the delicious menu options with a choice of wine or cocktails, and if you’re having any trouble choosing, the helpful and knowledgeable San Telmo wait staff will be glad to assist you! They’ll show you the best drink to whet your palate or compliment your preferred dish. If you want to know the history about a certain menu item, don’t hesitate to ask. You’ll gain a rich understanding of Argentina’s vivacious culture… and have a good time, too!

If you’re finicky about your restaurant seating, never fear: you may choose to chill out at the bar, gather on the stools surrounding the parrilla or take a more traditional spot at a table for two. Wherever you sit, San Telmo will transport you and your date to the other side of the world, where cooking is a social occasion and an opportunity to gather friends and family together for a memorable time.

We promise: you won’t easily forget San Telmo!


Impressive Knowledge Points


San Telmo embraces the Argentinian ethos:

‘Eating, drinking and most importantly living is there to be enjoyed with friends and family.’


An exclusively Argentinean wine list.



Secure Parking

55 Bourke Street, Melbourne

Enter via McIIwraith Place

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