One of the major benefits of being single is the ability to travel at the tap of an iPad with little or no consideration for others. With that in mind, and a clear agenda, I thought it would be remiss of me not to take full advantage and indulge my insatiable need for adventure and stimulation.

Six weeks, six countries filled with six diverse experiences. A little help from my transport friends: a camel, a rickshaw, the underground, a cruise ship, planes, Ubers, buses and a donkey will see this trip reach from the famous highland country of Scotland to the sweltering desert! All this in an action-packed, people-meeting, treasuring-finding, wine-drinking, shopping extravaganza.

Of course, any adventure is not complete without indulging in the culinary delights that countries are renowned for. I am prepared for the obligatory waistline expansion that comes with tasting many local signature dishes—and I’ll be packing accordingly. I must take a moment and apologise in advance for the lack of food-porn photography that will be on offer throughout this travel series. Past experience indicates that my excitement upon seeing food leaves my mouth watering and to consumed with consumption to snap the dish and share the moment.

For many, the excitement and anticipation of any holiday starts in the research and planning phase. For me, I would be slow to deem the experience as an enjoyable one. Countless hours spent milling over my computer to establish the best possible route and determine the best airline carrier are more tedious than exciting. Let’s not even get into the need for the perfect king size bed (I am five foot one after all, and need the extra leg room) and a hopillow_menutel offering a pillow menu on speed dial. I would sum up my hotel search as a quest for the coolest, centrally located hotel pad with all the bells and whistles; however, one not requiring the sale of a body part to stay there. Some may consider me a demanding traveller; I like to think that ‘I’m just a girl, sitting in front of a computer, asking it to find me some luxury’. My travel style could best be defined as ‘a girl who wants to pay for brute but drink Bollinger’.

Prior to embarking on any holiday there is the inevitable ordeal before the departure day payoff—with life being pushed into overdrive. An endless to-do-list that appears from nowhere; the last minute catch up with friends and family; bills to be paid; and of course, a month’s worth of work crammed into a week—the price we pay for adventure.

Despite all these chores, when it comes time to grab my obligatory pashmina and wheel my ‘one dress to many’ suitcase to the awaiting Uber, I can breathe a sigh of relief and know that there is only fun in my future. Oops, one last check—passport, check; credit card, check—everything in life is just so dam fine. Hello, Bollinger, it’s time to get this adventure started.

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