We all lose faith in love at some point and need a little somim somim to give us back that lovin’ feeling. When I get into the ‘I hate love, it’s hopeless’ state I head straight for the video outlet (a little old fashioned!) to pick up one of my favourite movies, sure to make me soft and icky on the inside.

If you’re in need of some restoration check out one of our top six loved-up movies.

 PS I Love You

O.M.G! – This movie is a tear jerker. To fully prepare for this movie, equip yourself with tissues and more tissues! One extra small piece of vital information that could potentially sway your movie selection – it stars Gerard Butler – HOT! Gerard (Gerry) leaves his wife a widow.  Hilary Swank’s character Holly soon discovers that he has left her 10 messages designed to ease her pain and to show her that it’s OK to move on with her life.  Sniff.

Love Actually

If you haven’t seen this movie – run, don’t walk to the video store/computer to download it. This is so fabulously brilliant it will have you all loved-up long before the credits are rolling. With a cast of fabulous talent (Bill Nighy, Hugh Grant, Colin Firth, Liam Neeson to name but a few) and varying love stories taking place concurrently it’s hard to be sure who steals the show.


50 First Dates

Imagine waking up every day and trying to convince someone to love you – wow! Adam Sandler (Henry) is a mix of inspiring and hilarious in his attempts to win Drew Barrymore’s (Lucy) heart every day. Lucy lost her short-term memory resulting in her being unable to remember the previous day. Don’t be surprised to find yourself cheering Henry on from the comfort of your couch.

 Sweet Home Alabama

‘Sweet home Alabama, Where the skies are so blue, Sweet home Alabama, Lord I’m coming home to you’

A sing-a-long, two charming male actors (John Lucas and Patrick Dempsey) that anyone would be ‘sweet’ on, plus Reece Witherspoon makes this rags to riches love story worthy of our top six list. This down-home yarn will also give you a friendly dose of ‘remember where you came from in order to really appreciate where you’re heading.’

27 Dresses

Always the bridesmaid and never the bride is something a lot of us can shout about! Katherine Heigl AKA Jane knows a thing or two about the bridesmaid gig. As the title suggests, Jane has been a bridesmaid 27 times! Important note to up and coming brides – choose your bridesmaids’ dresses carefully – you never know when they will make a reappearance.

Last but not least – Colin Firth

OK I know it is not a movie.  However, stick with me on this one. He was brilliant in Bridget Jones, overwhelmingly handsome in Love Actually, charismatic in Pride and Prejudice and won hearts in Mamma Mia with his hideous singing. He has a truck-load of movies that inspire and breathe love. Any Colin movie is a mustwatch for those looking for that lovin’ feeling and should be added to the mix!

We all fall out of love with the thought of love at some point on our journey. The up-side is that it’s only ever a temporary state.

What a beautiful world it is when we fall back in love with love.