Excited, thrilled, moon dance performed live in my lounge room! Hottie Number Six from my first-speed dating event called me! Not only did he call, it was the morning after the speed dating event. Number Six likes me, Number Six wants to marry me, Number Six you are sooo into me!

Is there ever a good conversation when you have just met someone? You don’t really have a lot of knowledge to bounce back on. I have to give men a lot of credit for making the difficult call and not opting for the chicken approach aka text message.

Helloooooo Number Six!

‘Hi, how are you? I enjoyed meeting you last night and was wondering if you would like to catch up one night?’

Me – ‘Sorry I am busy’ …. ah just kidding! I would love to catch up. What were you thinking?’

Him – ‘are you free later this week?’ ‘I will book dinner – what kind of food do you like’

‘I’m easy,’ I say, ‘that is, metaphorically speaking.’

We settled on a Thursday evening – 3 nights away and he chose a Japanese restaurant.

So you know what we are dealing with, here are some vital statistics on Hottie Number Six.
Name:   Alex
Professional Status:  Accountant
Age:  33
Status:   Never married
Height:   6?1? (185 cm)
Special mention:   Rippling chest (glimpsed through his shirt)
Hobbies:   Sports, Interests Table tennis, wine connoisseur

I am not surprised that Alex is an Accountant. In fact, it is well-known that there are more single Accountants than any other profession.

Date night arrives and I choose punctuality to match the low-maintenance persona that I am trying out for the evening.

I scan the restaurant trying to look chic and at ease. I fail dismally, and trip on the stairs on my way to the table. I attempt a hair flick as I try to pull it together and he smiled politely and kissed me hello. No mention of my incident. What a well-mannered man.

The conversation starts to flow and I relax into the date. No awkward silences and I slowly start to regain my composure after my trip.

The waitress checks on us several times to see if we were ready to order – time to concentrate on the menu selection. What is a safe bet that is not going to be messy or tough to cut! I go with the chicken – always a safe bet.

We order our meals, the wine is flowing and the conversation is heating up!

By my standards, the date went ‘swimmingly’ … we chatted and flirted over our 3 courses and were the last to leave the restaurant – this date ticked all the boxes for progressing to date No 2. Alex escorts me to my car and he leans in for a hopeful kiss.

I wait expectantly for a text the following day – it doesn’t come. I re-run the whole date in my head, my little slip in the restaurant flashes to mind. He must equate this to a clumsy female – that’s why he hasn’t texted or called. No, surely he can’t be that shallow – everyone trips in life.

I figure he’s just ‘playing cool’. After 1 week I declare to my friends, whatever his caper, this is just ‘uncool’. The call never comes, I am left wondering if it was the trip or the dinner chat.

Number Six doesn’t like me, Number Six doesn’t want to marry me, Number Six is so not into me!

I dry my eyes and carry out self-affirmations to encourage me to get back out there. After all there will be minor set-backs along the way and obviously this is a sign that there is someone better for me. Hottie Number Six is obviously not deserving of my wit and charm. Whatever, find another speed dating event and register already.

Have you ever had a date and they didn’t call? Are you a male and didn’t call? Can you shed some light on ‘why’ for the waiting woman of Australia? Do you have any speed dating stories you would like to share?

Yours in adventure!

KP x