What happens when you take a pinch of courage, a sense of fun and make the decision to step beyond the ‘everyday’—getting off the couch and away from the bright lights of your glaring computer screen? That’s where life happens, nurse and getting out there could be the first step to finding your new love.

Ideally you should be open to a good mix of options regarding how to meet your next partner. Online dating and dating apps have a place; however, when it comes to practicing your dating prowess speed dating should be ranked highly on your looking-for-love agenda.

Speed dating is one of the best ways to meet someone but it may involve a slight step outside your comfort zone. Be prepared for several mini dates, but don’t worry, each only lasts a couple of minutes. If one person doesn’t float your boat you have a new opportunity (date) coming your way in just a few minutes.

Still not sure? Our top 5 benefits should have you running to a speed dating event.

Top 5 benefits of dating outside your comfort zone :

1.A Prelude to a Date  

What is this? A prelude to a date, is it even possible? Speed dating is just that, it’s a mini date where you get to try out someone and see whether they are interesting and engaging enough to move to a proper date. You don’t just get one prelude, you’ll meet 10 people in one evening, giving you lots of practice and the opportunity to pick your ideal date. You can select someone for the main attraction and fast forward past the people you don’t quite click with.

 2. Flirting Techniques

For women: hone your subtle hair flick/winning smile combo or practice your most alluring pout—whatever brings forth your inner goddess so she’s ready for when the next hottie approaches. Your feminine wiles could be all you need to move from the prelude to the main event.

For men: hold eye contact, lean in and show you’re interested. Deliver your best line and see how it lands. If the preview has you hooked, throw her a wink before you move onto your next mini-date so she knows that you are looking to take it to the next level—a first date!

3. Conversation Starters

The beauty of speed dating is that you get to meet a range of different people and you will find that you get to talk about a range of topics. No two singletons are created the same and it’s a great opportunity for you to try out your conversation starters. Immerse yourself in conversations you may not normally have and see what works. World politics anyone?

4. Not Your Average Joe

Speed dating brings an array of personalities, looks and styles which means you get to reap the benefits and venture out on a date with someone you may not be looking for or generally wouldn’t consider. Some of the best relationships are with those that we didn’t think it would out work with—boom, the chemistry is just there and there’s no fighting it! Dating outside your normal genre opens up a wide world of opportunity.

5. You Just Have to Show Up

You have chosen a speed dating event, booked it out in your diary and selected the perfect outfit for the night. What next? You just have to show up! The event organisers have secured the perfect setting, selected the music, tweaked the ambiance—everything’s set for a first encounter. They even handle the exchange of numbers at the end of the night between people with a mutual interest in each other.

Simply Speed Dating are ready and waiting for those in Sydney that are looking to step outside their comfort zone, have not been dating recently, or have just not been meeting the right dates.  This an ideal way to meet new people and maybe even your next love.